I am conflicted…. well… not so much


Top of the 5th

I am conflicted. 

I have a soft spot for both the Cubs and the Dodgers. 

I have spent time in Vero Beach, FL, where the Dodgers had their spring training for so long – since they were from Brooklyn, where they belong.  I have sat in the stands next to Tommy Lasorda.  I met Sandy Koufax and the great Vin Scully.

I have eaten Dodger Dogs!

On the other side, I try to get to Wrigley Field for my favored Cubs each summer.  No place is better.  Wrigley by itself is enough.  I have great memories of those friendly confines, with the ivy and mid-week day games and no exploding scoreboards.

But I am mad at the Dodgers for abandoning Vero Beach.  Grrr.

Therefore, …

Eamus Catuli!

Besides, I don’t think the Dodgers have anything going for them in the Latin language cheers category.

Detail from the photo to the right…


TOP of the 5th after a Dodger grand slam…


Sometimes I wonder if my rooting for a team means the kiss of death.

I am conflicted again.

Still, if things go really badly for the Cubbies, I may have the satisfaction of watching Lou Piniella kick his hat around the infield and maybe pull up a couple bases on his way to the locker room.



TOP of the 7th after a Dodger HR




BOTTOM of the 8th


C’mon men! 


TOP OF 9th


This is where I wax lyrical… or become aenigmatic… i don’t know which:

Iamque meum tibi quod narro mirabile dictu
fatum: nam geminis constat mihi robur in armis,
captandi sub rictibus est fiducia grandis;
non praedura uel aspera neu me feruida terrent;
rictibus intrepidis sed cuncta capessere tempto.

[Tatuinus Aenigmata 27

What is it about? and why did I put those words in bold?]

Anyway… here comes

The Red Sox at the ANGELS.

What to do… as we begin between the feast of St. Michael and the feast of the Guardian Angels.


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33 Responses to I am conflicted…. well… not so much

  1. Paul says:

    I too find myself conflicted…

    Being a Cardinals fan is it justifiable for me to continue to read your blog knowing that you are a Cubs fan. ;)

  2. Paul: Oh YAH? You’re OUTTA HERE!

  3. Thomas says:

    Father, just do the sensible thing and root for the Red Sox.

  4. TJB says:

    Well this one can certainly be blamed on Piniella, he had the opportunity to change pitchers right before the grand slam… but alas another poor decision.

  5. Patrick T says:

    White Sox fans are Catholics

    Cub fans are Protestants

    Northside WASP’s against Southside Irish Catholics

  6. Thomas: do the sensible thing and root for the Red Sox

    I am usually amenable to that idea, and I eagerly embrace it when the hated Yankees are anywhere in sight. But this year.. no Yankees…

    neener neener neener

    So my affection for the BoSox is a bit lessened.

    I am weighing also the value of a league without the DH. That has to be a factor.

    We shall see. I will certainly opt for the BoSox over the BlackSox.

  7. Patrick: piffle

    As an ex-Protestant and present Catholic I am a far better judge of these things.

    Besides, the Holy Father has a holy BEAR on his coat-of-arms, which pretty much settles it.

  8. Thomas says:

    “Besides, the Holy Father has a holy BEAR on his coat-of-arms, which pretty much settles it.”

    Ah, yes. But then again, the Holy Father also wears white socks!

    How to resolve the impasse?

    Since he was a cardinal for much longer than he’s been pope, we again return to the Red Sox as the obvious choice.

  9. Lucia says:

    This is why I’m a futbol fan. Makes things easy. After all, can one really root for both Barcelona and Real Madrid?

    :) (the answer is no, by the way!)

    But if I ever do watch baseball, I’ll be a Nats fan or an Angels fan–Nats for my hometown, Angels because they’re the only team I’ve ever watched!!

  10. Thomas: Hmmm… an apparent point.

    He had a bear on his coat-of-arms even before he wore red sox, much less white … when he had merely violet socks. So that bear don’t hunt, it seems.

    Besides, the White Sox really wear black socks.. or they should especially to make my argument work better … and with white sock under the traditional stirrups too, in black, but that is another issue for another entry.

    We can settle this very simply:

    Father says so.

    There. Perfectly reasoned.

  11. Laura says:

    “Evil Triumphed.” Father I was at work this morning and still grieving the loss by my beloved Twins, *sniffle* and I laughed out loud at your comment about the hated, at least by me, White Socks. Thank you for the support. Poor Blackburn, he pitched one great game. I’m off to lick my wounds now. We had a great season, at least at home and we’ll be back next year!

  12. Thomas says:

    Father, I’m willing to compromise.

    We’ll forget all this talk of socks and bears, take the black woman from the Holy Father’s coat of arms as our starting point, and watch the WNBA playoffs instead.

    Uhhhhh, then again, nobody wins in that scenario. [I’ll stipulate.] Okay, just go with the Cubs.

  13. Ioannes Andreades says:

    I’m sure the Queen of the angels will make sure the proper team triumphs.

    Regina angelorum Declinatoribus nostris provideat!

  14. Thomas: WNBA? Not in this life… or any other.

    And you didn’t score any field goals on that one, I can tell you.

    That figure on the coat-of-arms is male, the Moor of Freising, an ancient symbol of the Diocese of Munich. So none of that WNBA stuff.

    WNBA is now an official rabbit hole for all of WDTPRS.

    (I should have done that a long time ago.)

  15. Paul says:


    Not to decent but that Holy bear is clearly closer in form to the bear on the Missouri state flag, and as Patrick pointed out he was a Cardinal much longer then he has been Pope, which would of course point to the Cardinals from the state of Missouri in the city of that’s right St. Louis as his team of choice.

    Now we know the real reason Archbishop Burke was brought to Rome. To talk Cardinals baseball with the Holy Father.

  16. Paul: You are really wading into deep water here. Are you sure you want to go in that direction?

    The California flag has a bear also!

    That might mean, … LA… the Dodgers… and a very different sort of Cardinal!

    See what trouble you get into if you aren’t careful?

  17. Thomas says:

    Well, I’m off to watch the aforementioned defending world champions. Gotta love 10:00 PM starts and getting to bed around 2:00 AM. Can we at least agree that West Coast baseball is an abomination?

  18. Thomas: I will grant you that.

    West coast baseball is why God created the DVR: as a proof that He can always bring good from evil.

    West coast baseball… another thing that is the Dodgers fault.

  19. Jeff Pinyan says:

    “Eamus Catuli”…

    “Catuli” is clearly “cubs” (as in “pups”), vocative plural. But “eamus”? Whitaker’s Words tells me that’s FIRST person plural, not SECOND person plural…

    e.amus V 1 1 PRES ACTIVE IND 1 P
    e.amus V 6 1 PRES ACTIVE SUB 1 P
    go, walk; march, advance; pass; flow; pass (time); ride; be in the middle; sail

    I don’t mean to be a jerk, Father. I’m only slowly learning Latin, and this has stumped me. Or is it Whitaker who has been stumped?

  20. Matt says:

    I think us Cub fans have cleared purgatory several times as we offer up our suffering. A tip of the Cubbie cap to David L Alexander for the link to the Steve Goodman song.

  21. Paul says:

    Maybe I’m just a little sad the Cards are out of it this year.

    I will say this; the Cubs have a good friend rooting for them.

    Here is a story about my friend and her husband both big Cub fans.

    My friend and I are Eucharistic Guardians on Saturday mornings at 3am. We have been guardians now for about four years. Well the first few months we really did not speak when leaving we might have exchanged a simple goodbye or have a nice day. I am a fairly shy person. One morning however after the Cubs had beaten the tar out of the Cards I, for the first time, noticed her front license plate. It was Cubs plate. I hung my head and mumbled “You’re a Cubs fan” she nodded happily “Oh yeah” I just shook my head, and told my life story as it related to Cardinals baseball. She gave me a tough time about the game and we talked baseball, family, church, and all kinds of stuff in the early morning hours. After that my shyness melted and we became and have remained friends. Her husband, who had been very sick, died a few weeks back, and it has been pretty hard for her, but I do know that adoration has been a healing time for her as is anytime we can spend with our Lord. Her family has been a comfort as well as her friends but I also know that the Cubs making the playoffs has brightened her days too. It seems silly to talk about a game giving comfort but I guess God can touch us in many ways and through any medium He chooses. So this year at least I am rooting for the Cubs, praying for my friend and her husband, and getting ready for next season.


  22. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Oh, I see my mistake. Subjunctive first person plural being “let’s go”. I was so puzzled by not seeing an imperative second person plural, I didn’t see this one. “Let’s go Cubs” makes sense. Carry on.

  23. Jordanes says:

    White Sox fans are Catholics

    Except for my grandfather, a Presbyterian and Freemason and a devoted White Sox fan.

  24. Dan says:

    Baseball sempiternam! Potpourri: Fr Solanus Casey OFM Cap was a big Tigers fan, and many years before that he and his brothers had their own baseball team. HOFer Charlie Gehringer said his happiest day was not on the diamond but when his brother was ordained a Catholic priest. May I put in a good word for my beloved Yankees — 47 years ago today, Oct 1, 1961, Roger Maris, a Catholic and K of C, hit his record-breaking 61st homer in Yankee Stadium. Play ball!

  25. Brian O'Gallagher, Boston says:

    Go Red Sox!!!!!!!
    The highest ranking Catholic blogger out there is rooting for the Olde Towne Team!!
    (what is that I’m looking at on TBS? a rock garden fountain in the Angels stadium? lame.)

  26. Quite a few players on the Angels and the White Sox are Catholic, so I’m inclined to root for them

  27. Raymundus says:

    It’s OK, Fr. Z; I don’t think you cursed the Cubs. ESPN.com might have, though, when they picked the Cubs to go all the way this year.

    Now that we have “eamus catuli” down, maybe we should work on translating “Go Cubs Go”?

  28. Charivari Rob says:

    “Sleep then post” might be a good anti-spam, as well. Started to nod off as I typed last night, so I moved over to the couch to rest my eyes for a few minutes, err… hours. Woke up and closed the browser I had left open without ever hitting ‘submit comment’. Ah, well, it wasn’t that sparkling, anyway.

    Thanks for the clip of Lou. He’s still one of my favorites, even after all these years. It’s still weird to see him wearing any other uniform, and any number other than 14.

    The clip did bring to mind one of my favorite sports quotes:

    “I’m 43 and I’m married to a 7-year old.” – Anita Piniella

    Ahh, Sweet Lou. With the Yankees out of it, he’s perhaps my most motivated rooting interest. Torre, as well, to a certain extent (for all the grief he had to take from the Steinbrenners over the years). I actually like several of the RedSox and wouldn’t mind seeing them succeed (preferably individual valor in an otherwise losing effort).

  29. “Sometimes I wonder if my rooting for a team means the kiss of death.”

    Are you a Texas Rangers fan by any chance? If so, please stop. LOL.

  30. Maureen says:

    “Vae, Catuli, Vae”

    Oh, wait. That’s “Woe, Cubs, Woe”. :)

  31. Tominellay says:

    The Dodgers!!!! Woohoo!!!

  32. Allan says:

    As a life long Dodger fan, since being born in Brooklyn in 1939, I agree with Tommy Lasorda — God wears Dodger blue. (when the Dodgers are playing) Sorry father, and the Dodgers are the Dodgers whether in Brooklyn, LA, or Tokyo, they’re still MY DODGERS.

    [I said I had a soft spot…. DODGER BLUE! ]

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