QUAERITUR: insisting on Communion in the hand at a TLM

From a reader (edited):

I was recently at a TLM.

During Communion, a man walked up to the rail, refused to kneel and put his hands out to receive Our Lord.

The priest rightly [?] refused him and went back down the rail to the next people. He came back past this pan and talked to him and the man, in clear protest, [?] refused to kneel and kept his hands out. This happened twice more and father then gave him communion, in his hands, standing up.

I want to be charitable and believe the best  – that father just didn’t want to create a scandal so he gave in. But should he have?  Or should he have stood firm and not given in, and ordered his numerous adult servers to escort this troublemaker out of the church? [?]

I’m leaning toward the firmer action but would like your thoughts. Clearly this is the TLM and you shouldn’t rite mix, therefore, communion should be kneeling and on the tongue. And even the Novus Ordo, with the Holy Father, you don’t have an option.

Did father do the right thing?

I am not a fan of Communion in the hand.  My position on that has been clear.

However, I think that in this case both the people involved, the priest and the communicant, shared blame.

The Church’s present law says that people have the option of receiving on the hand.  I suppose you can argue that there is a danger of profanation, but then there is always some danger of profanation when handling the Eucharist.  We can never handle the Eucharist with perfection of reverence.  We can only do as the Church directs and then do our best.

The communicant, whose mind you seem to be reading… how I am not sure… had the right to receive on the hand and the priest should not have hesitated.  At the same time, the communicant seems to have insisted too much. 

As for escorting the man away from the Communion rail…. for crying out loud, what are you thinking?  Had this fellow been dressed in kinky drag with a STOP THE TLM sign on his back, then I would agree.  But escort him out because he wants Communion in the hand? 

We don’t like Communion in the hand, but we have to uphold people’s right to receive it that way so long as the present laws are in force. 

People: If you go to a TLM, receive in the manner proper to the moment and consistent with our tradition.

Fathers: If someone shows up at the rail and wants Communion in the hand, and isn’t obviously a threat to profane the Host, administer It, make sure he consumes It, and move on.

It will take time to haul the present practice back around to a more reverent style of reception. 

Another thing: You say "you shouldn’t rite mix, therefore, communion should be kneeling and on the tongue".

The rite of Mass does not describe the manner of receiving Communion.  The norm for the Novus Ordo would also be to kneel and receive on the tongue, but an exception has been granted to receive on the hand.  People who cannot kneel may stand to receive at a TLM and not be violating the rite of Mass.

This has nothing to do with "mixing the rites".

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