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The Harvest Moon in anticipation

The Harvest Moon It is the Harvest Moon! On gilded vanesAnd roofs of villages, on woodland crestsAnd their aerial neighborhoods of nestsDeserted, on the curtained window-panesOf rooms where children sleep, on country lanesAnd harvest-fields, its mystic splendor rests!Gone are the … Read More


True active participation

The great Fr. Ray Blake of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton has a highly amusing piece on his blog: I had a telephone call from Fr Mark Elvins this evening, before becoming a Capuchin friar he was a curate here. … Read More

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PODCAzT 90: St. Leo on the beatitudes; the sacred, sacrilege and reparation

On this beautiful Saturday of the 22nd Week of Ordinary Time, Labor Day Weekend, I have spend inside laboring on another PODCAzT just for you listeners. Today we hear from St. Pope Leo I, “the Great” (+461) in his Sermon … Read More

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QUAERITUR: New Zealand – a Maori chant instead of consecration bells

From a reader: I was reading in the local Archdiocesan paper about a new development in the liturgy here in New Zealand. Instead of the use of bells at the time of consecration in some parishes (I know two) a … Read More

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Rockford, IL: The Labor Day assault on Saint Mary’s Oratory

You have probably heard examples of encroachment on private property by state and city governments through aggressive use of "eminent domain". A reader alerted me to this Very Alarming Development in the Diocese of Rockford, IL. This is from the … Read More

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Buy Some Soap – Help Some Nuns – UPDATE

In another entry I asked you to consider buying soap from the Contemplative Domincan Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery in New Jersey.  Buy Some Soap – Help Some Nuns Since I posted that entreaty my e-mail is … Read More

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UPDATED: list of US bishops who have spoken about health care reform

The young Papist has been doing us a service.  He is listing the American Bishops who have made strong statements about "Obamacare" and what would – from a Catholic perspective – need to be considered in any debate about health … Read More

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