Murder of Michigan pro-lifer a ‘non-story’ for Obama Catholics

Murder of Michigan pro-lifer a ‘non-story’ for Obama Catholics

From CNA.

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  1. Hidden One says:

    Funny how that works.

    Albeit not so very humourous.

  2. Bill in Texas says:

    From “Finally, apparently due to persistent prodding by CBN’s David Brody, President Obama released a statement condemning the murder of Pouillon 48 hours after the fact. By comparison, Obama needed no urging to release a statement condemning the death of George Tiller within hours.”

    According to David Brody’s weblog, this is the statement sent to him by President Obama (no indication whether it was sent to anyone else or any MSM): “The shooting last week in Michigan was deplorable. Whichever side of a public debate you’re on, violence is never the right answer.”

    “The shooting” — not “the murder in cold blood.” No comparison to the “shock and outrage” the President expressed over the murder of Dr. Tiller.

    This is not what one would expect from the President of the United States.

  3. Leonius says:

    They aren’t really in communion with us imo how can they be?

  4. EXCHIEF says:

    Why should the murder of one pro lifer be news…after all the murder of 30 million plus babies in the womb isn’t. I recall when we used to arrest those who performed abortions. Now we arrest those who try to block abortions. That’s what happens when a nation decides to abandon its Christian roots. St Michael pray for us as we are in for a long battle

  5. Traductora says:

    I was wearing one of the Abortion is not health care stickers at the march on DC on the 12th. Later I met a number of the Catholic marchers for the vigil mass at the National Shrine, and it turned out that there was both a conference of what I think of as the “good womens’ religious orders” and, in conjunction with it, a Eucharistic congress. Unfortunately, I had to begin the trek to Dulles right after mass and couldn’t go to the Eucharistic procession and Benediction, but it looked wonderful.

    In any case, I think one of the reasons there wasn’t as much outcry as there should have been over Pouillon’s murder was that a lot of people were either off in DC or preoccupied with ways to oppose Obama’s fascist death care program. As for Obama, who claims not even to have known that 1.5 million people showed up in DC to oppose him, I would have expected nothing less than disregard from him. 48 hours was probably a pretty good response time, actually. Somebody must have told him a statement would make it easier for Kmiec and Diaz to burnish Obama’s image in Rome.

  6. JosephMary says:

    Is it any surprise that if one is okay with the taking of the life of a 62 day old person, that they might also be okay with the taking of a life of a 62 year old person? It follows…

  7. catholicmidwest says:

    The phrase “Obama Catholic” is a contradiction.

  8. don Jeffry says:

    “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Tiller’s loved ones during this time of grief,” Korzen said at the time.”

    Why do people say that? It makes no sense to say that their thoughts and prayers go out to people.

    don Jeffry

  9. Bryan says:

    Deplorable, but did anyone REALLY expect that those who rushed to rend their garments, beat their chests, and moan and wail publicly over Tiller would do the same for Pouillon?

    By their fruits, you will know them. And never ascribe to ignorance what can be ascribed to malice. The evil side hates with all its being the Lord. Intense, vile, putrid hate, based on the basic sin of Pride. Non serviam. When one puts themselves at the center of the universe, their fall is but a given.

    More and wonders if, as Christ himself said, if when preaching in a town, they don’t accept the Word, you are to shake the dust from your sandals and leave, that society is at that point (or approaching it…) right now?

  10. chcrix says:

    Folks, my apologies, but I don’t see this whole thing the way the blogosphere is portraying it. Mr. Pouillon did not die because of his beliefs. He died because of his behavior.

    Dare I say it – most of the comments here and elsewhere are “liberal” comments. What do I mean by liberal? A liberal can generally be identified by a certain mindset. That mindset sees the world only through an ideological prism – no matter what the external evidence shows.

    In college I first ran into this in a philosophy class. There was a young lady who interpreted every philosophical issue in terms of male oppression – no matter how obviously unrelated it was. She was so strident that she embarrassed the professor – who as it happens was a woman. The rest of us just wrote her off as an idiot.

    Now let’s look at these killings. The murdered were one anti-abortion protester, one gravel pit owner, and (planned but not carried out) one real estate man.

    Nobody in their right mind would suggest that the gravel pit owner or real estate man were targeted because of their beliefs or probably even their actions. This chap, Drake, held grudges against these men – real or imagined. In the case of Pouillon, the grudge was because of the signs the guy showed. But if Pouillon had been protesting GM organisms, or the eating of meat accompanied by similarly grotesque signs, he might have met the same fate.

    So, Drake was a nut-job.

    Why isn’t there outrage over the killing of a pro life activist? For the same reason there isn’t outrage about the killing of a gravel pit owner.

    Blog posts like the one below are typical. They ignore the other killings (planned and actual) and insist that Mr. Pouillon was killed only because of his anti-abortion stance. In short they seek to make ideological “hay” just like any liberal would.

    Now, mind you, I am not without sympathy for the feelings that people have about this and the Tiller killing. Tiller was hailed as a martyr, when as far as I can see he was a very successful businessman – taking in money by doing abortions that no other abortion provider would even touch.

    But from the reports thus far Pouillon was also not a martyr. Rather he was a target of opportunity for a nut.

    Just because the liberal mindset has debased all discussions of any serious issues in this world is no reason for non-liberals to imitate them.

  11. MichaelJ says:


    I think you are missing the point. There is equally sparse evidence that Tiller was murdered *because* of his promotion of abortion. The point being made, though, is that there is a noticeable disparity in how these two virtually identical events are covered. In both cases, a person on one side of the issue was murdered by a person on the opposite side, but the wailing and hand wringing only surface when it is a promoter of the unholy sacrament that is killed.

    To be quite honest, though, I tend to agree with Austen Ivereigh
    (one of the reporters taken to task by CNA). The murder of a pro-life activist by a pro-abortion activist is not really news. We expect pro-abortion people to be intolerant, hateful and barbaric so it is (sadly) no surrprise when one of them resorts to murder.

  12. ssoldie says:

    Why no outrage from the B.O. Catholics over the MURDER of (anti-abortion) person, for the same reason that there is no outrage from the B.O. Catholics for the MURDER (abortion) of the unborn person. The word EVIL comes to mind rather then nut, to describe the action of both Tiller and Drake.

  13. Random Friar says:

    I am genuinely curious. In one of the photos you see of the late Mr. Pouillon (wearing red, seated, looking at the camera) there’s an “Obama ’08” bumper sticker on the upper right corner. Yet I’ve never seen this mentioned by anyone.

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