Spanish Bishop: Europe is “a continent of death… terminally ill” from abortion

What’s up with bishops these days?

From CNA with my emphases…

Europe is terminally ill because of abortion, warns Spanish bishop

Madrid, Spain, Oct 15, 2009 / 04:11 pm (CNA).- Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Tarazona, Spain voiced his support this week for the October 17 March for Life in Madrid and warned that with the legalization of abortion, “a true ecological disaster” has been unleashed in Europe and will turn it into “a continent of death.”
“This is a true ecological disaster, which affects the unborn child, the mother who has conceived him, the different people involved in the issue (the baby’s father, the grandparents, health care workers, etc.) and all of society that will suffer from the negative impact of this ecological disaster,” the bishop said in a pastoral letter.
He pointed out that since the legalization of abortion, “some 50 million children were not born, who would today be 50 million young people,” which Europe needs desperately as the population “is prematurely aging and is dying of sadness and despair.”
The bishop warned that the Spanish government’s new law on abortion would “multiply the number of those who are not going to be born,” since it would make abortion a right protected by a false freedom and would lead to women doing “violence against their own bodies.”
Psychologically, each one of these mothers will be wounded for life. They will succeed in removing ‘something’ from their wombs that today they find bothersome, but will not remove the crime they commit from their minds and hearts.  I know many women who cannot forgive themselves for having committed such an atrocity in their lives and who need to be consoled with the mercy of God,” Bishop Fernandez said.
He warned that with the new law women would pay the price for situations in which perhaps they are the least to blame.  “Once again, the feminist cry for freedom for the dignity of women is drowned out by dispositions to turn them into simple objects of passing and irresponsible pleasure.
For this reason, the bishop encouraged Spaniards to participate in the October 17 march for life.  “Let us fight for life. Life is the future of man, never death. Let us support women in difficulty, giving them the means to assume the precious task of new motherhood,” he said.

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  1. Magpie says:

    Ireland is under supreme danger at present. The island of ireland is one of only a few European countries without abortion on demand, but for how much longer? Northern Ireland faces the prospect of abortion on demand following the Dept. of Health’s introduction of new abortion guidelines. These are being challenged in court by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Meanwhile, the Irish Republic’s pro-life laws are under attack in the European Courts. Please pray for Ireland at this time.

    Check the website of PRECIOUS LIFE for details about the threats to N. Ireland’s unborn children: and you can sign the petition there.

    For details of the threats facing unborn in the Irish Republic, please see this story: and visit the website of YOUTH DEFENSE for background information,

  2. Fr. John Mary says:

    Oh dear Jesus, and Holy Mary, this is what we are going to face…if we have not already entered into this “time of darkness”…the unborn cry to heaven for justice; the infirm, elderly and handicapped are the present victims; we face such horrible consequences for this. Only our Catholic Faith and the Eucharistic Jesus, His Holy Mother, and the intercession of the Saints and Angels can help us, I am afraid.

  3. JosephMary says:

    Ireland, losing the Catholic faith even if the remnant of its culture remains, is caving in.

    America, is sliding ever faster down its slippery slope of the culture of death. And most are oblivious–I think of a certain Scripture passage…something about their minds become darkened and they become foolish in their thinking.

    I just took a trip. There were 23 of us including two priests, a couple of portestants, and two co-habitating couples that are active in their parishes. Cannot judge is what they tell us. All is well. They support everything the president of the US does and abortion is just one of many issues. As a whole, we are clueless. Supernatural sight is blinded by sin.

    We can have peace in our own souls for we know that nothing can happen but that which God permits. But the sins of the world cry out to heaven and at some point in time, heaven will intervene. And in the end, the Immaculate Heart will triumph. But we have to get there first.

  4. Magpie says:


    All is not lost, at least not in Ireland and several other places. Yes, we are up against powerful forces of darkness, but we have God on our side. We must not adopt a defeatist position. We must rise up. Awake from our wretched slumber. Our priests and bishops NEED to get with the programme. I am amazed at the seeming lack of interest (indicated to me at least, by silence), in particular, regarding the issue of abortion in Ireland, among most of our clergy. They need to stand up and speak clearly and firmly. There is so much silence. They need to back up and SUPPORT the efforts of prolifers in Ireland. This is, by and large, as far as I can see, not happening. Ireland is sleep-walking into the worst of the culture of death; one day we shall wake up to find we are killing our children.

    Incidentally, if you haven’t already, can all the wdtprs-ers sign and forward this petition from C-FAM:

    International Call for the Rights and Dignity of the Human Person and the Family

  5. Fr. John Mary says:

    Magpie: done.

  6. isabella says:


    Where ARE the “several other places”? And is there really hope for Ireland? It was on my list.

    Are there any countries in the world where you can live that aren’t part of the culture of death that seems to be my own country’s (USA) biggest export? I do volunteer work for pregnancy support and have been praying in the 40 days for life vigil. Can’t remember who it was (Mother Teresa maybe) that said any country that can kill its unborn, its elderly, and its helpless disabled is doomed.

    My goal is to live abroad by 2010, but every time I think I’ve found somewhere to go, they legalize abortion or euthanasia.

  7. Magpie says:


    Aren’t Malta and Poland are two places that are still clinging on?

    I can tell you now: the reason abortion will be introduced to Ireland is in no small part due to apathetic, sleeping Catholics. Most of our bishops and priests are asleep, or at least pretending to be asleep. It’s a real shame.

    It’s difficult to look on at this situation. The Catholics in the UK say now that it was their apathy, and non-action in 1967 that allowed the abortion act to be introduced. We’re seeing history repeat itself here in Ireland. Maybe we’ll regret it in 30 years when we’ve slaughtered the children of Ireland.

    If everyone could sign and forward this petition re: abortion in N. Ireland, it would be great. Anyone in the world can sign it:

  8. Navarricano says:


    In effect, there are very few countries in the world where abortion is not available in some form, for one reason or another. All of Western Europe is in a moral morass vis-a-vis abortion, and the European Council has ordered all of the EU’s member states to guarantee that abortion is freely available in countries where it is legal. Places like Ireland and Poland are coming under increasing pressure to change laws restricting or prohibiting entirely a woman’s access to abortion.

    So, if you are hoping to live somewhere in Europe where abortion is completely illegal, your choice may be limited to the island of Malta. Not all that easy to emigrate there because it is, after all, an island and there are only so many jobs available. Of course, if you’re independently wealthy and don’t need to earn a living there, then you shouldn’t have a problem. ;-)

    But let us not forget to pray for brave little Malta; after all, the POTUS did appoint Doug Kmiec ambassador to Malta, so the folks there are getting it from all sides these days.

  9. BLC says:

    I didn’t know how to send this to you for your attention, Father, but here’s something from another great bishop:

    Thought you might like it!

  10. EXCHIEF says:

    Recently our Pastor, an orthodox Priest from Nigeria, gave an empassioned homily on just this subject–that abortion and legalization of same sex marriage in addition to the moral wrongs involved were leading to disaster in terms of re-populating the world. Without going into detail here I assure you his comments were not only 100% reflective of actual Church teaching but were scientifically accurate, well reasoned, and well presented.

    That homily was given at his primary Church as well as two mission parishes in this rural county in a very conservative part of the USA. Yet, the reaction or many in attendance was far from what one should expect of practicing Catholics. At the end of Mass many (actually almost the majority) bailed out of Church via side entrances studiously avoiding the Pastor who, as is his custom, stood at the main Church entrance to meet and greet those leaving. Of those who were “forced” to exit via the main door many avoided eye contact with him and most failed to greet him or shake his hand. Complaints about the Pastor to the Bishop followed.

    If this is the reaction in what is typically a politically and spiritually conservative region I can only wonder what would have happened if this same homily had been delivered in one of the bastions of liberalism.

  11. gambletrainman says:

    Just one question–what happens to the souls of the aborted children? Normally, in the danger of death, the child is baptized, otherwise, we are told that child will never enjoy Beatific Vision–just a state of natural happiness. Does thatalso apply to an aborted baby, because this is a premeditated murder. No one involved could give a flyin’ leap what happens to that child. Also, what of a miscarriage? Brendan

  12. moon1234 says:

    I think that this understanding was developed to show that these children have the baptism of desire, however I am not sure how this is reconciled with the need for actual baptism. I know with an adult the modern church teaches:

    If the person, who knows nothing of the faith, lives their lives to the best of their ability, following their conscience and doing good, then the Lord may grant them eternal happiness.

    I believe that this is called Baptism of desire. Not too sure how comfy I am with this understand. It would sure put a damper on wanting to be a missionary wouldn’t it. It would seem to supplant the salvation of souls with spreading the “good news”. I am sure there is a better answer, just not sure what it is.

  13. isabella says:

    Magpie – I signed the petition; hope it helps.

    Navarricano – Malta is indeed on my short list, and I do pray for them. I hope to work in the shipping industry, but what will happen will happen. (Independently wealthy I will never be, but the cost of living is less there also). Maybe Kmiec will quit or be recalled or tossed out.

    I may have to expand my search to South America, although my country is doing its best to export abortion and euthanasia there as well. Maybe there really is no perfect place to live and we are expected to wake up and fight and pray while we can to change our own little corner of the world. I just don’t know.

  14. Dr. Eric says:

    According to Human Life International, Chile is one of the few countries in the world where abortion is still illegal and it is also 95% Catholic. If I can raise enough funds, get Rosetta Stone so our family can learn Spanish, we’re headed to Santiago or Valparaiso.

  15. jaykay says:

    Have just been listening to the BBC radio 3 news where an item about the situation in Spain referred to: “right-wing Catholic opposition to the centrist (sic) government…”. This from the BBC. I would have expected it from the Guardian or some other lefty death-rag but the BBC…

    I have just returned from Spain myself. At a Saturday evening Mass last week I reckon that I was nearly the youngest person in the (not very large) congregation. And I’m 49. It’s not so bad here in Ireland yet but it’s getting that way. They still don’t dare to push for legal abortion, not quite yet, but the pressure will start to build up from our Herren und Ubermenschen in Brussels, aided and abetted by their lackeys in the lib media and administration, and I can see that within 10 years our still-young population, very few of whom have any time for the church (“hey, I’m like, y’know, spiritual, I just don’t do the organised religion bit”) but who are utterly brainwashed by the spirit of the times, will have bought into the whole “human right”, “right to choose” etc. lie and then we’ll have a referendum to legalise abortion. And it will pass. Cue ecstatic cheering that Ireland has finally “got with it”.

  16. Traductora says:

    I’m in Spain right now and I just heard that the march in Madrid was a great success – over 1 million people marched! I had to be in another part of Spain for a different event, so I couldn’t attend, unfortunately.

    In any case, I think Spain, like many places, is going through a resurgence of the Faith. There are many young people who are woefully ignorant of their faith – bad catechesis was the rule here in Spain as elsewhere for nearly 40 years – but many are very eager to know more about it. And because the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church, the more the Spanish government opposes the Church and tries to crack down on it, the more interesting it becomes to the average Spaniard who probably hadn’t given it a lot of thought back in the peace-and-justice kumbaya days (yes, Spain had them too) because it had nothing to offer.

    The Church in Spain is definitely reviving. It would certainly be doing a lot better if all those aborted Spaniards were here now to help it happen, but there is still a path to redemption.

  17. akp1 says:

    Thanks be to God that abortion is not legal in Gibraltar. Problem is though – with Spain next door – girls (or women) can go there easily and as we know, it’s not difficult to get abortion there. Great to hear there’s been a huge turnout for the march in Madrid.

  18. Vetdoctor says:

    If abortion is an ecological disaster then I will continue to give my 5 decades of “carbon offsets” each day. (actually the irony of carbon offsets for aborted babies is pretty sad)

  19. isabella says:

    Vetdoctor — speaking of carbon offsets, do some looking around on the deep ecology movement. I got involved with them when I was younger and stupider. The stated goal is voluntary human extinction.

    At one time, they even tried to form a “church” with that as their goal and get tax exempt status. Don’t know if they succeeded – I think my Mother’s prayers worked and I came back to the Church.

    And I think I’ll take a look at Chile. I actually do speak some Spanish and have a lot of frequent flier miles to go check it out over winter break.

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