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The US Catholic bishops asked their people to call their congressmen and urge them not to vote in favor of legislation that would have provided funding for abortion. What would they think, I wonder, if the awakened and roused Catholic … Read More


MORE Quotes from your e-mail about Bp. Trautman’s war on the translation

Gleened from the 270 e-mails I received in support of the approval of the new translation texts by the bishops in their upcoming meeting. Click HERE for the main entry on this. From your e-mail: "I thoroughly support the reform … Read More

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Catholic League looks at movie “2012”

From The Catholic League: November 4, 2009 “2012” KILLS CATHOLICS, SPARES MUSLIMS Catholic League president Bill Donohue speaks to the way Catholics and Muslims are treated in the upcoming film, “2012”: When we got word recently that the movie “2012” … Read More


Leaving NYC

I had as usual a good time in NYC despite the unfortunate victory of a team to remain nameless. Until next time, thanks to all the great folks I met on this trip. UPDATE: Minneapolis and St Paul, my hometown.

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Prez of Planned P’hood, Speaker Pelosi’s former staffer, attacks bishops

I picked up from the young Papist that Cecile Richards – President of Planned Parenthood, the eugenics inspired organization originally intended to kill off black people – said in pages of Hell’s Bible that the US bishops are ideologues because … Read More

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John Allen takes a look at Archbp. Burke

My friend John Allen, the fair-minded nearly ubiquitous columnist of the otherwise ultra-lefty fishwrap National Catholic Reporter, has an interesting piece about His Excellency Most Rev. Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. When Archbp. Burke was brought to Rome … Read More

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Apostolic Constitution: ANGLICANORUM COETIBUS

The Apostolic Constitution which describes the provisions for traditionally minded Anglicans has finally been issued. Anglicanorum coetibus The first sentence: In recent times the Holy Spirit has moved groups of Anglicans to petition repeatedly and insistently to be received into … Read More


News about TLM training for seminarians

Summorum Pontificum has been in force for over two years. That is more than enough time to figure out how to integrate training of seminarians into programs of formation. In another entry, I had asked seminarians to send reports about … Read More

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