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Traditional Anglicans in Canada request an ordinariate

From The Anglo-Catholic. The document can be viewed here. The letter was read in ACCC churches across Canada the country.   Read the rest there. Thank you Pope Benedict, Pope of Christian Unity.

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First You Get Rid Of The Sacramantals…

I suspect that in most places where sand replaces holy water in the stoups, the priests probably don’t hear confessions during Holy Week or the Triduum. It happens every year despite the fact the the Holy See has made it … Read More

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WSJ: A different tone of coverage about the German scandal

You know that the MSM is clicking and smacking their spittle-flecked chops at the chance to bite at the Pope. The Times and the NYT and AP are good examples of twisted coverage which aims at guiding the reader to … Read More

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WDTPRS – 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare) – COLLECT (2002MR)

The nickname Laetare originated from the first word of the Introit chant for the today’s Mass, “Rejoice!”   On Laetare Sunday there is a slight relaxation of Lent’s penitential spirit, because today we have a glimpse of the joy that … Read More


“Tolerance goes both ways, Boulder”

We have been following the controversy in Boulder, CO where a homosexual activst lesbian "couple" attempted to force a child (sadly) in their care into a Catholic school knowing that the Archdiocese had a policy not to accept such children. … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: length of Sunday sermons

There was recently story on CNA about the "ideal" length of a Sunday sermon/homily.  First, the person who proposed in a book that "8 minutes" is the Secretary for the Cong. for Bishops, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic.  Second, while the Archbishop … Read More

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Catholic Health Ass. supports pro-abortion Senate bill

From Serviam: Sister Carol Keehan, the uber-compensated (over $850K a year) President of the Catholic Health Association, broke with the USCCB and Pro Life groups and announced the CHA’s support of the pro-abortion Senate health care bill.   See Lifesite: … Read More

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Getting my German on for Saturday Night

I have a guest for the weekend and so I made something a bigger more expansive than I would were I on my own. Three large pork chops were delivered by the aforementioned guest, along with sauerkraut… as Dr. Maturin … Read More

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WDTPRS – 4th Sunday of Lent – Prayer over the people (2002MR)

During Lent, I have been including the Oratio super populum now restored in the 2002MR.  The priest says this, or will when he uses Latin, after the Post communio.  It should be in a future English translation. ORATIO SUPER POPULUM … Read More

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Interview with the CDF’s “prosecutor” of priests who commit “graviora delicta”

Sandro Magister has on his site today an English text of an interview with Msgr. Charles Scicluna, an official of the CDF, who handles the cases of priests who commit graviora delicta against minors. Let’s have a look with my … Read More

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To those who desire to accomodate

"If the Church were to accommodate herself to the world in any way that would entail a turning away from the Cross, this would not lead to a renewal of the Church, but only to her death." Joseph Ratzinger