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What to do? Sunday Supper – 2

Starting to think about Sunday dinner. The last time I consulted you I made Boeuf à la bourguignonne. I am inclined toward rabbit this time…. I usually make Italian coniglio in umido (and here).  This involves lots of olives and … Read More

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Prayer request of Mulier Fortis!

URGENT Mulier Fortis, an English school teacher, has an job interview which may in part depend on her pronunciation of Eyjafjallajokull. It also involves tomato soup and cardboard. Oh! Help!

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Fr. Wissman in Bolivar, MO calls Pope Benedict, bishops, faithful, “faithless and hypocritical”, “whitewashed sepulchers”

Long-time readers of WDTPRS may remember that we have on at least two other occasions looked at the musing of Fr. Pat Wissman, pastor of St. Catherine Mission in Bolivar, MO in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.  Fr. Wissman wrote … Read More

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WDTPRS Skype voicemail fixed… sort of

I have solved my skype voicemail problems …. at least in part. I can receive my voice on only one of the computers on the network, the one that runs the Z-Cam no less. Therefore, I can from time to … Read More

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A “pastor’s page” against Pope Benedict and against the new translation

Sometimes people send me "pastor’s pages" from their parish bulletins.  Most of the time this is an opportunity to exercise patience. I was alerted something written in a pastor’s page from "The Catholic Faith Communities of Saint Theresa and Saint … Read More

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About “jumping the gun” with the new ICEL translation – WDTPRS POLL

The other day my good friend Fr. Ray Blake of Brighton posted an entry on his blog St. Mary Magdalen about ad experimentum use of the new ICEL translation for Holy Mass.   He has some corrections to make in an … Read More

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A new sodality for servers of the Traditional, Extraordinary Form

A while back I called for those groups who do training for priests and seminarians for the older forms of the Roman Rite, the Extraordinary Use, also to provide more training for lay people who will be called upon to … Read More

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