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CHILE: Card. Errazuriz against the “ideological colonialism of abortion”

From CNA: Cardinal affirms Chile’s rejection of abortion Santiago, Chile, Sep 21, 2010 / 05:52 pm (CNA).- During the celebrations commemorating Chile’s bicentennial, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz of Santiago called on the faithful to continuing building their country on the … Read More

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So a Pope and an Anglican Archbishop walk into an Abbey…

The other day when Benedict XVI was at Westminster Abbey, together with Anglican Archbp. Williams for an Anglican service, I just about sprayed my Mystic Monk Coffee on the screen when I heard that the Holy Father chose to wear … Read More

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Of Blogs and Magic

In the work going on behind the scenes to make the blog.. well… work, I have had an enlightening experience. Never in life did I imagine I would see this combination of letters in an actual sentence: "I’m using a … Read More

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Litany for the conversion of internet thugs.

A work in progress. I am willing to take some intelligent suggestions and additions. Litany for the conversion of internet thugs.(private use only, and when truly irritated, and when the alternative is foul language) Lord, have mercy.Christ, have mercy.Lord, have … Read More

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Facebook “User Operations” writes to apologize

A few days ago, my Facebook account was disabled by Facebook.  No warning.  No explanation.  No response when I wrote to them with inquiries using their proper forms, etc.  After a couple days, I wrote again.  I just received this … Read More

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Hyde Park Litany… of the… Sacred Heart

When the Holy Father was at Hyde Park in London, there was a species of The Litany of the Sacred Heart. It was curtailed and there were interpolated intercessions, very contemporary, very much suggesting the ramifications of the clerical sexual … Read More

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