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RATS IN THE RECTORY! Of priests and rodents: Part 2

Remember these guys?  Here are some priests in Georgia suffering from a home invasion. By rats. Check the blog Southern Orders. The latest in the saga: This is rat central and I have an update for you on the rectory … Read More

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Tonight’s irony packed supper

It being an Ember Friday I ate rather little today, and I am avoiding meat. So, I thought to prime myself for a workout tonight with some pasta and things from the garden. I picked a mess of these little … Read More

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Madison, WI 1-2 Oct: Sacred Music Workshop

There will be a workshop on Sacred Music in the Diocese of Madison, WI on 1-2 October, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Use that link for concrete information about schedules, etc. The workshop is entitled “A treasure of inestimable value”, … Read More

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Archbp. Chaput to conference of religion journalists

There is a long piece on CNA about an address given by His Excellency Most Rev. Charles Chaput of Denver.  Here are some snips with my emphases and comments: Prejudiced journalism ‘diminishes public life,’ warns Archbishop Chaput Denver, Colo., Sep … Read More

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Outstanding analysis of Papal Visit by Samuel Gregg

In another entry, I suggested that I needed better analysis of Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK. Lupus in fabula, is I believe the customary phrase. This comes from Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute, and one of the smarter … Read More

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POLL ALERT: WSJ on clerical celibacy

The Wall Street Journal is running a little poll on the issue of celibacy. And the results at the time of this writing: UPDATE 20:24 GMT: UPDATE 22:35 GMT: UPDATE 25 Sept 12:27 GMT: It seems that the poll has … Read More

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Anglican newspaper’s view of the Pope’s visit

In conversations with smart people I know, we have been thinking over the Papal Visit to Scotland and England. We have been parsing also the news coverage after the event. Not great analysis. We have seen stories, but not very … Read More

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ANOTHER UPDATE: I fixed the “threaded” or “nested” comments feature. ___ I added links at the bottom of each entry so that you can email, print, and share posts to various social networking sites.  I added just a few social … Read More


Will Anglicans find a Catholic home by the end of the year?

Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. As Pope of Christian Unity he issued Anglicanorum coetibus which provides for ecclesial structures for traditionally-minded Anglicans seeking communion with the Catholic Church. This was in the background during the Holy Father’s … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can choir director teach a song at homily time?

From a reader: I am a choir director and my pastor would like me to teach the congregation a song during the homily. He will introduce me and I come to the front and take over from there. I am … Read More

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Archbp. Wuerl to be point man in USA for Anglicanorum coetibus

The USCCB issued a notice that His Excellency Most. Rev. Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, D.C., will oversee the process for traditionally-minded Anglicans who desire to make use of the provisions the Holy Father issued in Anglicanorum coetibus. USCCB News … Read More

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The Catholic Herald reviews the Holy Father’s Papal Visit

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, has an issue devoted in large part to the Holy Father’s recent visit to Scotland and England. You will want to be sure to check it online and, if you can, in … Read More

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Filipino Archbishop really seems to understand Pope Benedict

Our friends at Rorate found an extended piece from UCANews (you might remember the liturgical opinions of its editor).  You will want to read this whole thing, but here it is with my emphases and comments: The liturgical renewal I … Read More

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