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John Allen on global policies for a global Church

How I wish my friend John L. Allen could write for some Catholic publication rather than for the National Catholic Reporter. As you know, Mr. Allen is the nearly-ubiquitous fair-minded writer in that otherwise bleak fishwrap. His Friday piece is … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z muses about political impact of today’s terror-related news

As I do household chores, I am tuned in to frenzied news coverage of the various terrorist-related bombs, bomb scares or trial runs in the USA and London, connected with Dubai and Yemen. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is suspected. … Read More

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USAToday’s religion blogger Cathy Lynn Grossman writes about “wafer watch”

UPDATE 1820 GMT: The original post at USAToday has been edited and this message added: (NOTE: Language in the above graph has been changed from the original post to reflect more clearly respect for the Eucharist in Catholic belief.) Dear … Read More

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Benedict XVI on faith in the public square, politics

Yesterday the Holy Father spoke to bishops from Brazil gathered in Rome for their ad limina visit. Some of his comments pertain to the upcoming US midterm election next week and the role of the Church in shaping the consciences … Read More

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Remedial Catholicism through chant

I direct you attention to an entry at The Chant Cafe: Simple Propers for All Souls Posted by Adam Bartlett Download them here Note that the chants for the Feast of All Souls are the same as the Requiem (Funeral) … Read More

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NCR has a nutty about Card. Burke’s observations about voting

Yesterday in an entry about comments made by soon-to-be Card. Burke and the responsibilities of voters in this upcoming mid-term election, I foretold that liberals would claim that Burke was “telling people how to vote”. Arch-liberal Maureen Fielder, a dissenting … Read More

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