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Anglican nuns at Walsingham express interest in the Ordinariate

Do you remember the post wherein I asked if you knew what people give up when they convert? This come by way of Damian Thompson: Three Anglican nuns resident at the Church of England shrine at Walsingham have left after … Read More

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The perennial parish pop combo problem

I understand that if a President of the United States is reelected, all cabinet officers resign so that the President can be freer to choose new people.  When the Pope dies, virtually all the offices of the Vatican dicasteries cease.  … Read More

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Heavenly fireworks

A reader sent: Father Z – – there were three spectacular coronal mass ejections (CMEs) today, right on cue for the anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Gaudete Sunday!! Note the symmetry!! Looks like an angel?? The heavens proclaim … Read More

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HELP ALERT! Practical charity needed now! BLOGGERS! HELP!

Via my friend Fr. Finigan (whom I trust absolutely in this regard): I have received a message from a group who help mothers who are tempted to have an abortion. Here is the information: This young girl’s baby is due … Read More

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QUAERITUR: seminarian wants advice about going to a fuzzy seminary

From a seminarian: I was wondering if you could offer some advice. I am what people in today’s church would call ‘ultra-conservative’ I love the Old Mass, Old Breviary etc. etc. I’m at a very [minor] seminary right now …. … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: Gaudete Sunday vestment color

It’s Gaudete Sunday and therefore time for rose vestments. Most long-time readers here know that we are not talking about pink but rather rosacea (which has a salmon tinge to it).  That said, there are various dignified shades which will … Read More

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New old harbors

Just too cool, via rogueclassicism: Tantalizingly vague item from Daily News (Sri Lanka): Remains of harbours used by ancient Chinese and Roman ships have been discovered in excavations carried out in the North and the East by the Archaeological Department … Read More

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WDTPRS 3rd Sunday of Advent (1962MR) – Collect: illumination of our darkness

COLLECT (1962MR): Aurem tuam, quaesumus, Domine, precibus nostris accommoda: et mentis nostrae tenebras, gratia tuae visitationis illustra. The multi-volume Corpus orationum says this prayer was, with variations, in numerous ancient manuscripts.  The mickle Lewis & Short Dictionary says accommodo means … Read More

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