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“Aestate pueri si valent, satis discunt.”

There is a little poem in the Epigrams of Martial which reminds us not to work children too hard during the summer, not to over schedule them or task them with too many organized activities or lessons. Ludi magister, parce … Read More

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Techum tecum

Catholics are prohibited from doing menial work on Sundays, our Christian observance of the Sabbath in the New Covenant.  We should observe Sunday’s as the Lord’s Day, to give him due worship and give ourselves rest, in honor of God’s … Read More

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Old book for confessors: examination of conscience in different languages

We recently saw from the Congregation for Clergy a guide for confessors along with an examination of conscience for the confessor himself. While sorting through some things I ran across a fascinating old confessional aid for priests.  It is an … Read More

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Breakfast simplicity

Poached egg and toast. Tips for poaching an egg. It is good if the egg is room temperature. Heat the water to just before boiling. Add a little vinegar to the water. Crack the egg into a small ramekin or … Read More

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