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The new, corrected translation and deaf people

Even a bait-less hook will sometimes snag a catch.  The National Catholic Fishwrap has a somewhat interesting story about deaf communities getting ready to receive the new, corrected translation of the Missale Romanum. Stop and think about it.  If the … Read More

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Prayer for a procrastinator?

From a reader: Could you please say a prayer for me? I have a really bad vice of procrastination [from the Latin cras, “tomorrow”] that has gotten me into a heap of trouble at school and even frequent confession hasn’t … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL – Preferences for reception of Communion: from priest or EMHC

Under another thread an idea for a WDTPRS was raised.  Please choose your answer and give your reasons in the combox, below. Because this can be a delicate topic, I ask that you DO NOT ENGAGE each other in the … Read More

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Burglar breaks into the wrong rectory

From the Daily Telegraph: Burglar overpowered by three Catholic priests The burglar was no match for the three – all in their 60s – and led by a former rugby playing clergyman who launched a flying tackle to bring the … Read More

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A Lutheran’s view on “the harm SNAP does by mounting little less than an anti-Catholic smear campaign”

On the site of First Things there is a good article about SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) by Russell E. Saltzman, mission development pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Gothenburg, Nebraska. Saltzman writes with my emphases: I no longer … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Confession and living far from any priest. Fr. Z also rants about General Absolution.

From a reader: Thank you for your reminders about confession. It’s appreciated. My question is, what recourse does a layperson have for the forgivness of a mortal sin in the absence of sacramental confession? Some of us live in very … Read More

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Still the “Catholic Church and Babylon” thing? Really?

From The Catholic League: JEFFRESS SAYS SATAN RULES CATHOLICISM Last Friday, Rev. Robert Jeffress, the Dallas pastor who introduced Gov. Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit, spoke derisively about the Mormon faith of Mitt Romney, making the case that … Read More

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About that Ordinariate

Here are links to three stories relevant to the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in England. On Fr. Blake’s excellent blog we find that there will be a talk given my Msgr. Andrew Burnham, of the Ordinariate, a St. … Read More

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