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Videos for your amusement and edification

A couple videos: [wp_youtube]UD4VlsLIZfI[/wp_youtube] How many times have I dealt with this? And this… [wp_youtube]z2-GEIWIurA[/wp_youtube]

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L’Osservatore Romano: article about acceptance of Vatican II aimed at liberals and SSPXers

I am sure that, given some stories going around that the SSPX might refuse the CDF’s “Doctrinal Preamble”, there should be an article in L’Osservatore Romano (on the site in English, Spanish, French, German, Portughese and, of course, Italian) entitled: … Read More

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Houston Democrats throw Christmas Party. At Planned Parenthood! Where else?

I had to read the headline of the story twice, and let it sink in. From LifeSite comes this … what is the word… puzzling? bit of news. Houston Democrats Throw Christmas Party at Planned Parenthood by Steven Ertelt | … Read More

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A stunning example of anti-Catholicism

One of the worst piece of anti-Catholic bigotry I have ever seen in the legal profession. From TwinCities.com: Religious slurs in lawyer’s memo have court up in arms By David Hanners dhanners@pioneerpress.com Updated: 11/30/2011 10:37:03 PM CST In the sedate … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Priest refuses to use new translation in consecration of Precious Blood. Invalid?

From a reader: If I had to guess, there are probably many priests throughout the US who are refusing to celebrate the Mass according to the new translation. My question is, “Is the Mass invalid if a priest uses the … Read More

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REVIEW: iPhone “Advent App” from Magnificat

I was sent a code for an iPhone/iPad app for Advent developed by the folks who put out the Magnificat liturgical aid. Click HERE for a link to the app.  $0.99 in iTunes. Advent Companion App is a fusion of … Read More

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iPhone question for readers

Have any of you iPhone 4 users noticed any problems with your OS after updating to 5.0? When the 4.0 update came out, the 3GS became very sluggish. Observations?

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WDTPRS 2nd Sunday of Advent (200MR): vile sticky goo

Here is a glimpse into the Collect for this upcoming Sunday. Last week in the Collect we were rushing to meet the Lord who is coming. We merited our reward due to good works because they are made meritorious by … Read More

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