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QUAERITUR: Rubrics for Aztec dancers during the offertory

From a reader: On the fest of Our Lady of Guadeloupe the local parish here had Aztec liturgical dancing during the offertory. Everything else was fine, but this seemed a bit off. It opened with the dancers running to the altar … Read More

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The Fishwrap and Sr. Fiedler bow to Hillary Clinton’s Magisterium

Sr. Fiedler may finally be having some memory problems.  She has a deeply confused and poorly written piece in the National catholic Fishwrap lauding the Magisterium of Hillary Clinton, who definitively teaches Fishwrap about the human rights of people who … Read More

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Sound English priests react to the Tablet’s bashing of Bp. Davies

My friends Frs. Blake and Finigan have blog entries about the bashing of Bp Davies by The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill aka RU-486) From Fr Finigan: […] Bishop Davies said to the young people that a previous generation failed … Read More

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Dr. Peters concerning the excomm’d Mercy Sister in Phoenix

I posted about the Mercy Sister in Phoenix who approved a direct abortion at a Catholic hospital. The local Bishop, confirmed that she had incurred an automatic excommunication. Then a story emerged that she, Sr. McBride, had been reconciled. I … Read More

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Wyoming Catholic College Video

From time to time I have mentioned Wyoming Catholic College, which trains students in a modified form of the Trivium and Quadrivium, and makes sure they know their Latin, have the TLM, and how to take care of a horse. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Missing Masses with the “corny music”

From a reader: I am having difficulties reconciling my love of the EF Mass with the fact that sometimes I miss the OF Mass and it’s corny music. You know, sometimes I miss being able to expressively belt out Table of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Priests and a silent Roman Canon

In another post I wrote about an option for a silent Canon/Eucharistic Prayer in the Ordinary Form. This comes from a priest: I have had an interesting experience with the new translation of the Roman Missal. Since it arrived, I decided … Read More

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