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Westminster Choir in St. Peter’s Basilica

I am catching a few minutes of the rebroadcast of the Holy Father’s Mass for Sts. Peter and Paul on EWTN. I only have a few fleeting minutes. The Choir of Westminster Abbey is there. Is it my imagination or … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Good prayer books

From a reader: I have been now to a couple excellent confessions where as a suggestion or a penance the priest has asked me to say a particular prayer, “found in my prayer book”. Sorry to say, I do not … Read More

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VIDEO Fr. Ted Martin responds to the “talky-women” who confronted him

The other day I posted a video about confused liberal feminist protesters challenging a good young priest, after Mass, outside the Cathedral of Kalamazoo, MI.  HERE.  The video was made by the protesters. Fr. Ted Martin did a video response. … Read More

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“From office confinement all year long,…”

With a biretta tip to the Laudator: Wei Yingwu (737–792), East of the Town, tr. Witter Bynner: From office confinement all year long, I have come out of town to be free this morning Where willows harmonize the wind And … Read More

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Almost to 10K

As I write, 11 to go to put me over 10,000 Twitter Followers.


Brick by Brick: New Swiss Bishop gives basilica church to FSSP

A reader sent me some good news: The new bishop of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg, Switzerland, has given the Basilica of Notre Dame in Fribourg, a beautiful and historic church, to the FSSP! [Fraternity of St. Peter] A FSSP priest … Read More

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SSPX Bp. Fellay: “We have become as a ping-pong ball, that everyone hits.”

I listened to SSPX Bp. Fellay’s sermon for the ordinations to the priesthood today in Econe Our friends at Rorate have some English.  Audio in French is here.  BTW… I haven’t heard many “normal” bishops speak at an ordination with … Read More

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Nancy Pelosi, Doctrix of the Church, on St. Ted Kennedy’s heavenly intercession for Obamatax

Former Speaker of the House and Arm-Chair Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi, if she weren’t so harmful to our nation would be hilarious. From CNSNews: Pelosi on Obamacare: I Knew Ted Kennedy ‘Would Go to Heaven and Help Us … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for Sts. Peter and Paul: “The Church is not a community of the perfect, but a community of sinners.”

The Holy Father’s sermon for the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul with my emphases and comments.  (He gently addresses the issue of “scandal”.  Look for it!) Your Eminences, Brother Bishops and Priests, Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are gathered … Read More

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Krauthammer: Chief Justice Roberts “goes to China” (Why did he do it? Here’s why.) – POLL

[Lively discussion about the SCOTUS decision is HERE.] There is alot of speculation about what Chief Justice Roberts did and why in his majority opinion effectively upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by coming at it as a tax … Read More

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Curiosity about Curiosity is not just Curiosity

After posting about the Seven Minutes of Terror, I was curious about Curiosity, the newest Mars Rover heading to the Red Planet. Intrepid little Spirit isn’t working any more, since it became mired and died.  Opportunity is working, but depends … Read More

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