19 November: St. Abdias, Prophet

Many of the great figures of the Old Testament are considered saints. We find in the Martyrologium Romanum that today is the feast of St. Abdias, prophet. Here is the concise entry:

1. Commemoratio sancti Abdiae, prophetae, qui post populi Israle exsilium iram Domini contra gentes inimicas nuntiavit.

You can, perhaps, supply your own flawless yet smooth English version.

The Book of Abdias, also known as Obediah, is very short, having only 21 verses. It is perhaps post-Exile and offers God’s warning to the nations/gentiles about judgment.

Let’s hear the whole book, since it is so short, in the Knox Bible version. To get the beautiful new edition, click HERE.)

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  1. mike cliffson says:

    “You can, perhaps, supply your own flawless yet smooth English version.”
    Fr, One thing perchance is christian charity, another is miracles.
    But I thoroughly approve of your writing likethis-the ability oughter be a catholic commonplace, on the one hand and on the other , it’s good not to be spoken down to.
    Two priests at least locally explain odd bits of latin in sermons, even when over a hundred of the congregation are kids in communion class, and apologise for mistakes ! and historical errors!
    But in my case….
    Next Pentecost, maybe.

  2. asperges says:

    “Commemoration of the holy prophet Obadiah, who, after the period of Israel’s exile, proclaimed the Lord’s wrath against hostile nations.”

  3. Emilio III says:

    FWIW, the last couple of PODCAzTs show up on the old iTunes feed only, not the new one. Not that I have any idea how to fix it…

  4. fvhale says:

    Very nice reading on the audio.

  5. acardnal says:

    “The Book of Abdias, also known as Obediah, . . . “

    Is every writer of an OT book honored as a saint?

  6. fvhale says:

    @acardnal: I do not know if we know “every writer of an OT book.” But many are considered prophets and honored in the Martyrologium Romanum, for example:

    Moses (Moyses, propheta) on 4 september
    Joshua (Iosue) on 1 september
    Samuel (Samuel, propheta) on 20 august n. 2
    David (David, rex et prophet) on 29 december n. 2
    Ezra (Esdras) on 13 july n. 2
    Iob on 10 may

    Not every OT writer is honored in this way. Solomon is a notable exception.

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