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Help each other.  May I ask a prayer for decent weather on Sunday in Atlanta? I have a connecting flight there.

Also, check out the fairly new ads on the side bar for Veils by Lily, and Real Estate for Life. If you need to do something with your house or other things in that genre, check them out first. They find pro-life agents who them contribute some of their fees to pro-life causes.

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Thanks are due to readers.

First, thank you to all the people who have sent donations.  You came through like champs in September.  I hope you will do the same for October.


On Sunday 6 October I dash to the airport after Mass to fly to Rome to lead a pilgrimage.  This will be, surprisingly, the first time I have ever done this.  When the pilgrimage is over, however, I’ll stay in Rome for about a week to get some work done.  That portion of the trip, will be on my tab.  So, I don’t have to worry about airfare, etc., but I will have to shelter and eat while there.

If possible, I’ll say Mass for benefactors, those of you who send donations or items from my wish lists (see the side bar – default list HERE), in Rome hopefully on Monday, 7 Oct, in the afternoon sometime.  I have to coordinate with friends.  I’ll check for new donors before saying Mass and have your names in mind even if you don’t see your initials on the sidebar or if you haven’t gotten an email from me (I try to send one to each donor).

Also, thanks to RM for a couple books, one from my wish list and the other… not.  I received Roberto De Mattei’s The Second Vatican Council – An Unwritten Story and also A Tale Told Softly: Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and Hidden Catholic England by Robert T. Morrison.  I have a lifelong interest in The Bard.  A quick paging through the book was intriguing.  I noticed in particular some citations of St. Robert Bellarmine, which I hadn’t expected. I won’t be able to read either, alas, until I return from Italy; I am only taking my Kindle.  (Hey!  Check my Kindle Wish List!)

Click the flag, to send a donation earmarked for the Rome sojourn. I also enjoy the notes people will attach when they use the form. Often they include prayer intentions or some few words about how the blog has helped them.

Speaking of notes, here are some samples.


I thought I’d write because I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. Over the last few months whenever the something like TBI has happened I’ve come straight to your blog, as if it’s some kind of advanced online smelling salt to calm me down.

It has been a worrying time. The saddest thing is that one of my closest friends, who is a priest, tells me that he’s exhausted, absolutely exhausted, from defending the Pope. And as his is a TLM parish it’s really very hard for him to make headway in this respect.

I expect it has been wearing you out a little too. So I wanted to send a message of heartfelt thanks. You are keeping many people on the right side of sanity, and helping people to see the real Pope from the media construct. When Pope Benedict left office, and spoke on the ‘media council’ that happened in tandem with the ‘authentic council’ of Vatican II it made so much sense. The same thing is happening with Pope Francis. The media is giving us the Pope they want, not the Pope he is.

You are welcome.


Why do people not accept that Bergoglio is a Heretic Schysmatic and Apostate and outside the one true church of Christ. The Catholic church. He has prayed with Muslims and celebrated Jewish holidays which is a mortal sin. Also he was ordained in the new rite of ordination which you should know is invalid. Of course I do not expect you to accept this as I can assume you are full of badwill and are not one among the elect.

Ho hum. I suggest that you start taking your meds again.


I wanted to thank you for your interesting and thoughtful analysis of Pope Francis’s interview, particularly the close reading in your second post on the subject.

For context, I should point out that I am not religious, nor was I raised in religion (kitchen sink baptism by my Gran notwithstanding), but my mother was raised Catholic and both my parents made sure my brother and I learned about other religions and philosophies. I am also politically liberal.

After reading coverage of the Pope’s interview, I was curious to see how the more conservative people within the Church felt and thus came across your post. It was so interesting and well thought out and I learned a lot from it. I think there’s plenty you and I would disagree on, but I really value your insight into the Pope’s statements. He isn’t about to utterly overhaul the Church’s stance on homosexuality (and the press is silly to imply this is so!) but his effort to shift the dialogue away from just a few hot-button issues to a broader, contextualized list of concerns and an emphasis the Church’s love for all individuals is very significant. But, as you say, he is not creating a new message – it’s the same one, at the heart of things.

Francis’s emphasis on compassion has been very important to a Catholic friend of mine who had been feeling alienated by the faith he loves so much. I don’t think the Church is perfect – there is some dark history there, as there is with all centuries-old institutions – and I have different views on abortion and homosexuality. But it is so heartening to hear a Pope so warmly remind the world of something the Church has always offered to each and every person: “there is a place for you here, if you want it.” That’s a pretty profound statement of love.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your thoughts were interesting and meaningful to an outsider.

That is someone who gets it. Perhaps this is a step closer to the Church and the Faith as well.

Next, (slightly edited)

F*** you, you conservative bastard

Customarily sentences end with a period


Father I don’t agree with you on absolutely everything but I have to say that you seem neither a rad-trad nor a modernist lib, just a faithful Catholic priest.

Thanks for thinking! I am always amused by the clueless labeling I receive.


Dear Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, thanks very much for recommending my book “The Marketing of Evil” on your blog.

I wrote about the book in question, by David Kupelian, HERE. I warmly recommend it.

Mr. Kupelian also sent my a copy of a new book: How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America

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