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Like a Rolling Stone

I have had a tough week with travel and lots of bad news.  Bad news even this morning.  So, just to break things up a little, and because Rolling Stone was mentioned elsewhere today, here are videos for your amusement. First, … Read More


“Pius later sent rosaries to all the Catholic tars on ‘Old Ironsides’”

In my other day job I am the captain of HMS Surprise. Therefore I took note of something I read about Bl. Pius IX and USS Constitution.  You will recall from your reading of The Fortune of War that Jack and Stephen were aboard … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Voice Mail – A book and a frustrated Catholic

I have received a few more voice mails. Since I pay a fee for the two phone numbers, USA and UK, I am glad when they are used. Here is a lady who gives voice to the frustration that quite a few … Read More

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Welcome Aboard New Registrants!

To participate in the combox here, you must be registered and approved (by me). Since the blog is under constant attack by spammers and nefarious ne’er-do-wells, I use the “about you” field in particular to screen registrations. Welcome aboard recent … Read More

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The Rolling Stone of Catholic journalism and MS Winters’ Fainting Couch

I bring to the readership’s attention a piece by Fr. Robert Sirico of Acton Institute.  He responds to a ridiculous piece in Rolling Stone, in which Acton and he are mentioned.  HERE Rolling Stone, that bastion of journalistic professionalism, declined … Read More

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