Photo portraits of the Pope for offices of the Roman Curia

All the offices of the Vatican Curia have on their walls (often painted in Paul VI Beige) official photo portraits of the current Roman Pontiff (i.e., the boss).

When I worked there, the one on my wall looked like this:


I just learned that Pope Francis has issued a replacement for his own photo portrait for the walls of curial offices.


I’m pretty sure that these will also be on sale in the Vatican bookstore along the side of St. Peter’s Square as well as in the nearby shops around the Vatican area.

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  1. boredoftheworld says:

    You’re having way too much fun today.

  2. ksking says:

    Mmm hmm. Looks right to me!

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    I had to take down my April Fool’s post: people really thought I was giving away my Medieval Latin text collection.

  4. Sonshine135 says:

    Whoever did that photoshop did a great job. I wish!

  5. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Oh, if only……!

  6. majuscule says:

    So does that mean that all your posts today are…

    Oh nevermind…

  7. GypsyMom says:

    Please say that this post and the earlier one about concelebration in the EF are April Fool’s jokes! Blessings for guns sound good, though!

  8. Byzshawn says:

    You really got me.

    Because I have long given up predicting what our Holy Father will do next AND
    because the picture loaded only halfway (revealing only the top of the Tiara) my computer keyboard was almost soaked in coffee!

  9. iPadre says:

    Looks like John XXIII

  10. Supertradmum says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day.

  11. Nan says:

    Has he recruited men to carry the chair thingy?

    What? It goes with the tiaras, doesn’t it?

  12. Elizabeth D says:

    Nan, there are going to be both men and women carrying the chair thingy, including some non-Christians and people from marginalized groups.

  13. majuscule says:

    Nan, I understand that women and now able to apply for the chair thingy carrying…

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  15. TheDude05 says:

    I think the plan is to have men and women in wheel chairs carry the sedia gestatoria.

  16. Nan says:

    Elizabeth D, majuscule and Dude,

    Will there be as chair thingy carriers Union? Or would the teamsters have a problem with that.

  17. TNCath says:

    That old Johnny Mathis song, “Until the Twelfth of Never” keeps playing in my head as I look at that lovely photo.

  18. Elizabeth D says:

    Nan, I am pretty sure there is already a chair thingy carriers’ union, because I watched a movie about Pope John XXIII (the one starring Ed Asner) and in the movie one of the first things he did was substantially raise the pay of the chair thingy carriers, so I presume that in addition to (or because of?) being the first Pope to be good, John XXIII was the first to agree to union demands.

  19. Eric says:

    Ok it now becomes clearer.

    I was at a bowling ally in Rome and saw a guy with a IBOCTC local 101 satin jacket. I now realize it stands for International Brotherhood Of Chair Thingy Carriers.

    One less thing to wonder about.

  20. Haec Dies says:

    Is it my imagination or does he bear a resemblance to Roncalli?

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