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A US bishop “expects”, but doesn’t command, that Mass be said “facing the people”

If email were rain, I’d be soaked.  I was sent an image of a letter sent by Bp. Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas, to priests.  In this letter, the Bishop says that he “expects” that Mass always be celebrated … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point or two from the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of Obligation? For my part, I spoke about the Roman ‘genius’ (mindset, worldview, identity rolled into one) and threefold component in the absolution form … Read More


The Church in Germany is crashing and burning

Via EWTN.  This is nothing but grim: German bishops release new figures: fewer churchgoers, parishes, and priests Figures released Friday by the German bishops’ conference draw a bleak picture of the ongoing decline of Catholicism in Germany. However, the head … Read More

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