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Islamic State corrects Pope Francis: Yes, this is a religious war.

To paraphrase Trotsky, you might not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. At Christianity Today there is a sobering piece every leader in the Church should read.  My emphases. Islamic State attacks Pope, says its war against Christians … Read More

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Summer Olympics and You

So, the 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us. The opening ceremony is tonight. There are various controversies going on. Controversies aside, are you going to watch any of the events? For my part, I’ll use my DVR to record swathes … Read More

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5 August: #InternationalBeerDay

Because of the great esteem I have for you, I want to remind you all that today is International Beer Day. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate this day than to… well, other than sending me a donation… than … Read More

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5 August: Dedication of St. Mary Major – Our Lady of the Snows

Pope Liberius (352-366) was Bishop of Rome in difficult times. In 350 Constans was assassinated and Constantius became the sole Emperor by defeating Magnentius. Some bishops in the East who opposed St. Athanasius in Egypt appealed to Liberius to get … Read More

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