LIVE VIDEO of FSSP priesthood ordinations

As a treat on my anniversary, I am watching the live stream of the the FSSP ordinations to the priesthood.   My old friend Archbp. Sample is doing the honors.  HERE


It is hard to find the right balance of providing commentary for these videos.  Very hard.   Verrrrry hard, indeed.  Comment or allow silence – and the moment – to prevail?

Very hard.

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  1. Sword40 says:

    After much frustration waiting for the video techs to correct their problems, we were treated to a magnificent Ordination Mass, complete with lots of electronic glitches via the video stream. Still it was worth the wait. WOW, three hours and 55 minutes by my clock. How did they kneel that long?
    And Archbishop Sample did a superb job, as usual. Even got to see our pastor and vicar, Fr’s Stinson and Insco.
    The Cathedral is beautiful and I loved the pipe organ and choir. May God Bless the FSSP.

  2. adriennep says:

    I am sorry but I am having a very hard time with this. Here in the Archdiocese of Portland they still allow clap-happy mariachi style rock n roll Masses in the parishes (had the unpleasant experience just last week at a Confirmation Mass). Plus we now hear that due to the ever-popular excuse of priest shortage, many parishes will be down several priests in this area. The very area which sponsored the Sacred Liturgy Conference last July will likely now lose a traditional parish there completely due to this clergy gerrymandering we suffer every 2 years. Many of the national FSSP were at that SLC. It was organized by the lay people, not the archdiocese. Now, we will suffer worse than we did under the little modernist former Archbishop, whilst our golden boy for Duff

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