CHRISTMASCAzT 2018 29: No manger scene is complete without the ox and the ass

Once again this year I offer short daily podcasts to help you prepare for the upcoming feast as well as for your own, personal, meeting with the Lord.

Here is CHRISTMASCAzT 29, Sunday in the Octave of Christmas.

These 5 minute offerings are a token of gratitude especially for my benefactors.  Thank you!

Today Pope Benedict explains the ox and the ass at the manger.    You might want to look up Is 1:3, Hab 3:2 and Ex 25:18-20.

Have some Mystic Monk Coffee and have a listen!

Chime in if you listened.

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3 Responses to CHRISTMASCAzT 2018 29: No manger scene is complete without the ox and the ass

  1. Ms. M-S says:

    Plugged in to the discussion of the ox and the ass on this post. Amid the evanescent culture of the present time, sadly including some forms of the liturgy, the center doesn’t hold because it’s been sacked. It’s heartening to be reminded of the richness and fullness and depths of the wisdom of God in scripture and prayer through these commentaries. Many, and heartfelt, thanks.

  2. Greg Hlatky says:

    An ox and an ass, but no dog:

    Near Bethlehem some time ago,
    A flock of sheep was dwelling.
    To shepherds, sheep, and sheep dog, too,
    Angel choirs came telling.

    Good news, not fear, to all the world,
    A baby in a manger.
    “We’d leave to see,” the shepherds said,
    “But our sheep would be in danger.”

    “To watch the flock, we’ll leave the dog,
    While seeking mankind’s Savior.
    The dog will guard and keep the sheep
    From wandering behavior.”

    Though disappointed not to go
    To Bethlehem’s blest stable,
    The dog felt duty-bound to work
    As well as it was able.

    The shepherds came at last and praised
    God for Christ revealing,
    Too wonder-struck to praise the dog
    That gave them time for kneeling.

    But God Himself spoke to the dog
    In tones for canine hearing.
    His words inspired all dogs to serve
    For ages persevering:

    “Good and faithful servant, well done.”

  3. jameeka says:

    Gotta admit, I had to listen to this ChristmascaZt about 4 times before I realized that the sentence: “We cannot have the word Christmas without Christ: so neither can we be Merry on the inside without Him” means “merry” not “Mary”—it kind of worked the other way too.