LENTCAzT 2019 – 05 1st Sunday of Lent: The heart of all temptations – FIXED!

UPDATED: There was a link problem.  It’s fixed.

These daily 5 minute podcasts are intended to give you a small boost every day, a little encouragement in your own use of this holy season.

I provide these especially in gratitude to benefactors who help me and this blog.

Today is the 1st Sunday of Lent. Our Lenten discipline begins in earnest.   GO TO CONFESSION!

Today Benedict XVI helps us understand the root of temptations and Chesterton describes the “mob” in terms that fit our own days to a t.

In these podcasts I often use snips from this lovely disc of music for Lent from the wonderful Benedictine Nuns in Missouri, at Gower Abbey. Buying their discs helps them to build their new monastery. I’m just sayin’.


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5 Responses to LENTCAzT 2019 – 05 1st Sunday of Lent: The heart of all temptations – FIXED!

  1. Gab says:

    Father Z, for some reason I cannot find the LentCazt link.

  2. Gab says:

    I tried the iTunes link but this current LentCazt is not listed (as yet?). I played LentCazt 04 on Itunes but it stopped after a few seconds.

  3. SanSan says:

    Really wanted to hear this one……but no play button

  4. jameeka says:

    Thank you, Fr Z—pushing God aside is “the heart of all temptations”, yet Jesus Christ in His Love for our Father pushes Him right back into our hearts.

  5. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father!