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CQ CQ CQ Ham Radio Thursday: ZedNet, my first pile up, and remote from GITMO and… Vatican City?

Just a reminder to any hams out there who might be interested in ZedNet. ZedNet is a worldwide talkgroup – 31429 More HERE.   But quickly… For you who are into this digital stuff, ZedNet still exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” … Read More

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GERMANY: Pro-women’s ordination group: “We want to take Mary off her pedestal”

The German Church seems to be the caput malorum omnium. In the wake of the dissolution of the misplaced aspirations of promoters of female diaconate, comes this. From CNA: German bishop supports ‘Church strike’ for women’s ordination Munich, Germany, May 15, … Read More

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What’s up at the southern border of these USA

This is one of most informative video clips I’ve yet seen about what’s going on at the southern border of these USA. Watch the latest video at foxnews.com The bit about the Honduran woman learning about how to get to … Read More

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Lib liturgy positivists force people to stand after Communion

We’ve seen notices from a diocese of chancery decrees (bullying?) imposing that people remain standing after Communion, instead of having personal freedom to kneel in prayer and awe about the Presence within them.   No, No!  You MUST STAND. My friend … Read More

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