Easter Sunday – 3PM (CDT) – LIVE VIDEO – Exorcism against Satan and Apostate Angels & Sung Vespers of Easter

Today we will sing traditional Vespers at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff at 1500h (3PM) CDT. It should be live streamed.  HERE or maybe HERE

However, as a bonus, at the very beginning, I will recite the “Exorcismus In Satanam Et Angelos Apostaticos” from Title XI, Ch. 3 of the Rituale Romanum. His Excellency Most Rev. Donald Hying, Bishop of Madison, has given me the authority to do so also publicly. More HERE.

I am firmly convinced that we have to fight the fight on more than one level.

Happy Easter and take that, bad guys!

And keep praying for a miracle. HERE

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  1. Robert_Caritas says:

    I also highly suggest that all catholics chase the devil out of the places in which they have authority over.

    For example, if you are the head of a household, at the very least, chase the devil out of your house and away from your family. Do it.

    Fr. Ripperger has a book with these kinds of prayers available. Maybe Fr. Z could post one with precise instructions? Many people have demonic infestations in their house which they could easily get rid of.

    We need to start fighting back.

  2. Thank you, Father, for praying for us, offering Mass for us, and for praying these exorcism prayers.

    I did not get to light my Easter fire last night due to high winds, but I lit some of the blessed candles indoors that I would have otherwise burned outdoors. I trust the devils did not like that.

  3. Joe in Canada says:

    Happy Easter| Thank you Father. I prayed Vespers with this video and the text from divinumofficium. I noticed the only difference was at the very end – you said “Dominus vobiscum” instead of “Fomine, exaudi orationem meam”. Is there a site that has the text you use?

  4. BrionyB says:

    I believe “Dominus vobiscum” is only said by a priest; a lay person praying the Office should omit it (or say “Domine, exaudi…” instead where appropriate).

    (To see the priest’s version in divinumofficium.com, you can click “options” at the bottom of the page and check “priest”.)

  5. Jones says:

    Absolutely correct Robert_Caritas. I have Holy water, blessed exorcised salt, oil, blessed candles and pictures. I regularly go around my apartment pray and drive out any unclean spirits.

  6. Joe in Canada says:

    thanks BrionyB, I hadn’t noticed that.

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