Technical glitches during the Chapter 3 Exorcism. ROFL!

Here’s something interesting.

This afternoon we returned to church to sanctify this Easter Sunday with the singing of Vespers. Beforehand, I did the Chapter 3 Exorcism, with the authority of the local bishop, over the diocese. However, … there were technical glitches. LOL!

I got this from the tech guy:

As you might have noticed if you saw my text message, the microphone on the podium at St. Mary was off during your exorcism prayer. It was not audible during the livestream. You will also notice the lightning-like flash at the beginning which knocked the color out of the video for the rest of the prayer. It would seem satan did not want people to hear what you were praying!

However, I exported the audio track into some specialized software and boosted the track enough that now the viewer can clearly hear what you are saying. It still has a bit of an echo, but I think it’s passable.

Imagine that. Tech glitches. During the exorcism.

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  1. Ms. M-S says:

    Well, we know that God moves in mysterious way. I suppose we can guess that the Enemy tries to do something similar?

  2. Robert_Caritas says:

    This kind of things is to be expected. Next time, say a prayer beforehand for the protection of the equipment, which will make a world of difference.

    Many of the rules for this kind of spiritual combat are the same as for war. Before going into battle, post a guard or two before any vulnerable spots. After battle, post a few at areas which are vulnerable to retaliation.

    The enemy has not taken our weapons from us, but he has made us forget how to use them.

  3. Yesterday as we were watching Mass online from our parish as soon as the Consecration began the feed started flashing green and jumping all over the place. I looked at my husband and mentioned that it only started at that one point, with a “HUM” for a finish. Before the Consecration it was perfectly fine. We have watched every Sunday and it never happened before.

  4. JustaSinner says:

    Lame tricks from the trickster…btw, AWESOME in black and white; very retro, which puts a really good aura on you.

  5. Joy1985 says:

    We need that exorcism over the entire country. Thank You Father for doing that for your Parish.

    satan may win battles but he has already lost the war.

  6. mamajen says:

    Wow! That flash is eerie!

    I also experienced a technical snafu yesterday. By the time Easter arrived, I had four successful live streams under my belt. It was becoming routine. Streaming simultaneously to YouTube and Facebook had been working beautifully, and a couple hundred had been joining us live between the two platforms. On Easter, using exactly the same settings as I have always done, YouTube failed to detect my incoming live stream at all. I was able to upload the recorded version in short order, but what an immense disappointment.

    I attributed it to Zuhlsdorf’s Law (it can apply to other people, right?), but, hmm…

  7. William Cody says:

    I was following the Easter Sunday Mass from my FSSP parish, casting from my computer to the TV over Facebook.

    At one point, I believe it was right after or during the Gospel, the feed lost connection and Facebook started broadcasting some news-magazine type show about a transgender pastor.

    Needless to say, I cut it off, and we prayed the rosary.

  8. Jones says:

    Now that we know this is a demonic attack (video graphic proof) Shouldn’t these exorcisms be done weekly/daily?

    We know without a doubt that the shuttering of all public masses during the holiest time of the year is a demonic attack point blank. Every lay person and priest should join together and pray for the expulsion of these demons and a return to PUBLIC masses once again.

    There are tornadoes ripping through the south, earthquakes, crazy weather swings. This is a large scale demonic attack. The Church and her followers should be attacking right back.

  9. Given that the Lord chased demons into a herd of swine, I have no trouble accepting that they could inhabit computer equipment. In fact, based on my twenty years in IT, I can easily accept that most computer equipment is permanently inhabited by demons. I watched two Masses yesterday, one Low Mass recorded earlier, and one live-streamed, and one of the reasons it just will never be the same is that I find myself tinkering with the computer, trying to get it to be less choppy or trying to fix some sort of streaming issue, and then finally grumbling about how the Church has simply crumbled to secular authority everywhere with nary a whimper when I could have been at a TLM with only fifty people or fewer in a church designed for 750-1000 and not have to fight with crotchety computer equipment– and I have to add that I have two degrees in computer science, so if I’m having trouble, what about all the poor souls who don’t have a clue about computers?

  10. FN says:

    Dear Fr Z, is there any particular prayer you would recommend to laity for the protection / exorcism of computer equipment? Something better than just sprinkling holy water and making it up as we go? (Gotta be parsimonious with the holy water as well in the vicinity of keyboards!)

  11. kat says:

    My husband has been the tech guy for our parking lot FM broadcasts. He had four mics and when batteries would go he would be sure Father had a new mic quickly. All went well throughout the Triduum.

    On Easter Sunday the mic started going out after the Gospel. My husband gave Father a new mic. He got back to the car, as Father began the Offertory. The new mic did not work! All the people who came to hear Easter Mass in their cars could not! (It was a low TLM, and my husband was not going to interrupt the priest once the Offertory began.). My poor man was very distressed. Seeing all these other posts, I think the Enemy was taking a hand in this.

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