Wherein an irritated Fr. Z recounts today’s fight with Old Scratch

In November of 2018 when the late Bp. Morlino died, I was in Paris.  I was able to celebrate a Requiem Mass for him in Notre-Dame – before the fire! –  in the chapel of the Crown of Thorns.  Shortly after, still in Paris, I was hit by a motorcycle.  As often happens with experiences like this, the details come back later.  I had the strong sensation of being pushed into the street, in the sight of Notre-Dame.

Today, the day after the anniversary of the burning of Notre-Dame (which I think was arson) and my posting about it, with a recording of its bells which are supposed to repel demonic influence, I specifically, aloud, asked God to help me get something right in my interpretation of Christ’s odd words to Mary Magdalen (from whom Christ had cast seven devils), “Do not cling to me” and the use of the Greek middle voice imperative.  Sermon video HERE.

After Mass I started the Leonine Prayers.  I had the strongest sensation of being choked.  I muddled through to the end.  But I was really pissed off.  I couldn’t conclude anything other than this was a harassment by the Enemy.

So, I returned the favor with a spiritual and priestly baseball bat to his hideous face.

The folder I used for the readings, had in it the Title XI Chapter 3 “Exorcism against Satan and Apostate Angels”.  I have the faculty from the Bishop of Madison to use this prayer also in public.  So I read it and then sprinkled the place with Epiphany Water which I blessed last January.

Screw you, Satan.  Touch a priest and you are going to have the agony you deserve.

The Mass is HERE, but starting at the point where I begin the Exorcism, in Latin, HERE.  I was really irritated and wasn’t going to let Scratch have a pass.

I’ve been asking people to pray for the miraculous eradication of the Coronavirus.  I strongly believe that this is a spiritual war and not just an worldly challenge.  I think the virus and what’s going on in the Church are connected.  I don’t know how, but I think they are.  So, I am not surprised that I might get some harassment from Old Scratch.  And, interestingly enough, about a month ago, when I really started in on this prayer for the virus thing, I wound up falling and re-injuring the same foot that was badly injured in Paris.

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  1. Hidden One says:

    Please pray also for those of us who lack some of your weapons and count on you to use them in our defense.

    [I’ve got your six.]

  2. UncleBlobb says:

    Praying for you, Father Z.

  3. arcanum_divinae says:

    Vade retro, Satana.

  4. JustaSinner says:

    Commander, got your back…though admittedly this lowly lieutenant is only allowed a squirt gun compared to the canons you wield.

  5. JustaSinner says:

    Oh, and it’s plastic and glow in the dark, but Mary said demons can be brought low by its use.

  6. Colm says:

    First, what is the relic you used for the blessing in the video? Secondly, thank you for sharing this with us and reminding us that we are in a spiritual war. After watching I sprinkled holy water and blessed salt in my room.

    [A relic of the True Cross.]

  7. Clinton R. says:

    May the Lord bless you, Father and protect you from the odious Enemy. May Our Blessed Mother pray for you and all priests of the Holy Church, along with St. Michael and St. John Vianney. +JMJ+

  8. grateful says:

    “I’ve been asking people to pray for the miraculous eradication of the Coronavirus…”
    I was thinking this is an answer to prayer,
    and we must still pray that the protocols may change.
    A great interview with Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell.
    The past 48 hours or so have seen a huge revelation: COVID-19 causes prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. People are simply desaturating (losing o2 in their blood), and that’s what eventually leads to organ failures that kill them, not any form of ARDS or pneumonia…”

  9. Rob in Maine says:

    HA! Father, I was watching Mass and praying along. After your exorcism, I almost typed in a colorful retort in the chat window, but didn’t want to offend. So, I’ll say it now aloud to myself.


    There! Take that! Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

  10. Ms. M-S says:

    A spiritual war and not just a worldly challenge? Well, let’s see. Churches are shut down for weeks and weeks. People are largely unable to access the sacraments, including confession. Much of Lent, all of Holy Week, Easter Sunday, and the days following pass without public observance and celebrations. Many people die, some perhaps in despair. Many others are terrified and desolate, with little idea of where to turn. Some wonder if God has forgotten us or if He’s there at all. The New York governor, at the first hint of progress, says that God hasn’t helped us, we’ve done it on our own.

    A simple trick I learned from reading detective novels is that you don’t lose sight of who the crime benefits. It shouldn’t be too hard to see the spiritual Enemy behind all this. Not to see that Enemy, in fact, would seem dangerously clueless.

  11. Robert_Caritas says:

    There are some new things I need to tell you.

    The virus is not a chastisement so much as a warning. The chastisement will be many times worse.

    There are some things that the Church needs to do *now,* in particular bishops and priests. The future of the Church depends on it.

  12. acardnal says:

    Thank you Father. Satan hates Latin! Especially prayers and the holy Mass in Latin.

  13. TRW says:

    In regard to the current pestilence, it’s worth looking at 2 Samuel 24. In the Douay-Rheims that’s 2nd Kings 24. Before reading it, consider that the Church is the New Israel, the continuation and fulfillment of the Davidic Kingdom. The visible head of the New Israel, the Kingdom of God, is the Pope. In 2 Samuel 24, David commands Joab and the captains of the army to do something they know is wrong. “But the king’s word prevailed …”.

    The entire chapter isn’t long. People can read it and connect the dots. The parallels jump off the page.

  14. Irish Timothy says:

    Thank you for this Father Z! And thank you for your prayers and leadership during this awful time. God is still in charge and will still helps us through this…..but like you say we must do more in terms of prayers and penance to ask him to help us.

  15. SanSan says:

    Dear Father Z, I will continue to pray for you and all priests that are being attacked. I asked my priest do the Exorcism prayer over a bag of salt and two containers of water. We again blessed the outside and the inside of our home. I even made up some Samaritan Oil that we put on before leaving the house to fight the virus and bless ourselves with holy water. The attacks are real. We are staying as close to Jesus and Mary as we can. We have been blessed to have confession each week and anAdoration hour at our parish. Thank you Father for your continual teaching of the Truth.

  16. roma247 says:

    @Ms. M-S and Robert_Caritas–yes, I am 100% with you. This situation is rife with demonic influence, it has the signature of “Old Scratch” all over it…and in the midst of this, of all times!!!!…we are depriving the faithful of the Sacraments, which were instituted specifically to help protect us in such instances. As many of the commenters here are suggesting tongue-in-cheek, this is like leaving us with nothing but squirtguns to fight the enemy. I fear greatly for those among the clergy who have willingly cooperated with this deprivation. God will hold them responsible for the loss of those souls which might have been saved, had they not been derelict in their duty.

    The bishop of Las Cruces, NM has seen the importance of this and despite his governor’s limit of 5 people in any gathering, has reinstated public Masses and urged his priests to be finding ways to get the sacraments to his people. I hope more bishops will wake up and follow suit.

  17. Liz says:

    Thank you, Father, for your priesthood. We have been doing a Litany for Priests most days along with other prayers and always the rosary. You help to give me courage to carry on and carry my little cross. God bless and keep you! p.s. Anyone who reads this if you would say a Hail Mary for a big intention under the patroness of Our Lady of Confidence, I would really appreciate it. May God reward you.

  18. Liz says:

    p.s. Wow, this is hard to watch… I mean what happens to you, Father. We are going to pray for you and all priests in our little chapel, fittingly St. Michael’s. God bless and keep you always.

  19. Sandy says:

    God bless you, Father, and Mary’s mantle keep you safe from all harm. Our supernatural weapons are the best! Last week I continually battled a sore throat and swallowed a tiny bit of blessed salt. (What used to be ordinary symptoms are not now ordinary.) I no longer have access to a holy priest who uses the old blessings; wish I had a big bucket of that blessed salt!

    PS Please pray for us on our 55th anniversary.

  20. Maureen M says:

    Thank you, Father, for having our backs. I pray that God will sustain you!

  21. Joy1985 says:

    Praying for you Father, ALL Catholic Clergy, Consecrated Religious , Seminarians and those discerning vocations to the Priesthood or Religious life. Praying for our world, our country, our state and especially our Church! PLEASE continue to pray against our greatest enemy for all of us.

    Our Father
    Hail Mary
    Glory Be

  22. KateD says:

    Yep. He is OUT (finger snap): LOUD and PROUD…..And wants to shut up good priests.

    This is the inevitable result of the cessation of public Masses worldwide.

    For all the sacrine washing, livestream just don’t cut it.

    Prayer puts the demonic back on their heels. With all the soldiers of Christ being sent home disarmed, the only ones left on the battlefield are our priests. Yes we can pray on our own….but those prayers are NOT the big guns….

    There is absolutely a spiritual OVERTONE to the pandemic. It’s like God put up a big neon sign with blinking lights up. Perhaps we should pay attention.

    In the meantime, the solution to CoVID-19 is to KEEP PAGAN IDOLS OFF THE ALTARS, stop the liturgical abuses, apologize (atone) and return THE public prayer of the Church: The PUBLIC Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.


    The public Mass is our big gun that keeps the enemy at bay.

    Everyday without the public prayer of the Mass we loose more souls to Hell.

    Physical reality is made manifest through the action of the spiritual.

  23. iPadre says:

    I agree with your assessment. It is all tied together. Like a big puzzle, the pieces are beginning to come together in a major way. Hopefully, the Triumph of our Lady isn’t too far off.

  24. Jones says:

    I’ve been praying a full 15 decade rosary everyday combined with the litanies and Fr. Ripperger’s deliverance prayers. Seems to be fending’em off pretty good. There is this strange occurrence of the lights blowing out outside of my apartment complex. Strange, must be the wind.

  25. GypsyMom says:

    This whole disaster is a demonic lie, and it’s trying to choke the spiritual, emotional, and even physical life out of us. The illness can be serious or fatal, but for so very few, and there are viable cures available. But when is it ever acceptable to lock up the planet on the tiny chance that some people will get it, people who can get treatment? We are looking at an epic worldwide humanitarian crisis of starvation soon if something doesn’t give. We save a handful of people (maybe) with the shutdowns, only to have multiple millions die an agonizing slow death from starvation? There are reports that people are already beginning to suffer this in parts of Africa. And it happened because we don’t care about truth and were scared into believing lies and giving over our lives to our governments as if we are helpless little children instead of adults who need to take responsibility for ourselves. My prayers are not for a cure that already exists, but for an end to the demonic torrent of lies and the crushing of the globalists who are well on the way to enslaving all of mankind.

  26. grateful says:

    Father Gabriel Amorth, former Chief Exorcist of the Vatican:
    When you pray Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now…the Blessed Mother comes instantly to your side to pray with you. And she does not come alone. She brings angels with her. And not just one or two for she is the Queen of Angels, so choirs of angels come with her. And she and Jesus are joined at the heart and cannot be separated so she brings Jesus with her. And Jesus cannot be separated from the Trinity so He brings the Father and the Holy Spirit with Him. And where the Holy Trinity is all of creation is and you are surrounded by such beauty and light as you cannot imagine in this life. Your Mother comes as Our Lady of Grace with her hands out-stretched. Rays of light emit from her hands piercing your body, healing you and filling you with graces. This is your inheritance which was poured out from the heart of Jesus on the Cross, when the centurion pierced His Heart with the spear, into the only pure vessel ready to receive such graces at that time,Your Mother. Now as you pray the Rosary, or even just recite one Hail Mary, you receive your portion of these graces.”He also said at this time, “Anyone who goes to Mary and prays the Rosary cannot be touched by Satan.” Is it any wonder that anyone who prays the Rosary from the heart is so blessed and protected and powerful in their prayers for others?”
    -The Late Father Gabriel Amorth, former Chief Exorcist of the Vatican
    (quote from Wendy Cukierski’s newsletter)

  27. praiseofglory says:

    April 16. Benedict XVI’s 93rd Birthday.

  28. Johann says:

    Praying for you and all good priests Father. Good thing I got a Gunmetal Combat Rosary otherwise it would have worn out a long time ago.

    Please pray for all of us under lockdown, especially those with depression, that they do not succumb to despair.

  29. Diana says:

    Oh, THANK YOU Father, and may God continue to bless you and your efforts on our behalf.

  30. jflare29 says:

    Yep. There’s an old saying I’ve heard, “You don’t take flak until you’re over the target.”
    Keep at it.

  31. Luminis says:

    You are right. Also suicides are on the rise. I personally have two members of our family who have been victims of suicide, one attempted and the other died.
    This is most definitely a supernatural event. If this lockdown continue the consequences will be worse than the virus. Most folks dont seem to be aware of the spiritual nature of this event. Where I live in Pa Planned Parenthood is still performing abortions one block from my parish. Thankfully my church is open every day and we have access to confession and Adoration.

  32. HelenBrigid says:

    Dear Fr, Apologies for my late response. I believe you are entirely correct. Even Xi Jinping himself referred to the virus as a devil, which I thought was quite something.

    As an aside, I travel quite frequently to China, once or twice a year for the past six years or so. My prayer life always suffers while I’m there in the sense that it can sometimes be physically difficult to get the words out or a weight descends during prayer time. It’s hard to explain but I can pray the Rosary here fluently and with ease but I found it difficult while in China, like the very air became thick and oppressive as soon as I began to pray. I began bringing holy water on my trips to bless my hotel rooms and that helped. Just a small personal observation.

    Kindest regards

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