Benedictine goodness: @monksofnorcia and @cenacleosb and MORE – UPDATED

UPDATE 7 May 2020:

Take a look at this new post about the Monastère S.-Benoît.

As we move forward in our appeal to purchase the medieval Commandery in Brignoles established by the Knights Templar around a chapel built by the monks of St Victor of Marseille  in 1025, later taken over by the Knights of Malta, some might be tempted to say ‘brick by brick’. With our prospective new home it is surely more appropriate to say ‘stone by stone’. Bricks are usually one size. Stones vary: some are big, some medium, some are very small, but all pay their unique part in a holding up a building. Will you contribute yours?


Some Benedictine goodness today.

First, the wonderful monks of Norcia, Italy.  There is a story about them at CNA.  HERE

In harmony with my own conviction that there is a connection between this viral panic-demic and planned-demic, Chinese ambition, and demonic activity, I liked this part in particular.

Monks of Norcia praying with ‘greater intensity’ during coronavirus


The prior said when the coronavirus was at its height in Italy, the monks did a traditional procession around the property with relics of the true cross.

“And that’s a way of praying for people, invoking the saints and calling down God’s help and his mercy on the country and on the world,” he said.

St. Benedict himself “experienced plagues, famines, sickness, death, not to mention relentless attacks of the devil on him and on his monks. He saw all of those as occasions for the monks themselves and for him to renew his trust and his faith in God,” Nivakoff said.

There is a “sad and persistent temptation,” he explained, to think “the world can solve these problems, but in fact, this world is passing away and God is the only answer to the suffering that we see.”

“So St. Benedict’s message, if you will, would be that all these things that happen can work for the good, and that is for the good of … each man and woman, each monk, in drawing closer to God.”


Please do me a favor and click HERE for the general page or HERE for the USA beer store.

This link will take you to the Norcia monk’s page about their great BEER CLUB. These monks make some of the best beer I have ever had. Their beer is paying for the building of their new monastery, which was destroyed a few years ago by earthquakes that rocked central Italy with great devastation. Help them and help yourselves at the same time. Flat rate and free shipping options. Tell them Fr. Z sent you and I could get a case when enough people sign up. Really… you DO need beer more than ever.

Moving now to France…

A new community of Benedictines are restoring and building at an 11th century site in S. France. There are interesting photos HERE at their Fakebook page.

The year 2025 will mark 1,000 years since the chapel’s foundation.

Our monastic life and future

Learn more about our life in the monastery and about its future.

Posted by Monastere Saint Benoit on Sunday, April 26, 2020

They have a fundraiser for their USA non-profit 501c3 Foundation.   HERE  In the UK try “Friends of the Monastere Saint Benoit“.  Or HERE

I mentioned them a while ago, because they sent me some booklets with the chant notation for prayers before and after meals.   How wonderful it would be if priests in a rectory or everyone in a family would sing the prayers before and after meals.  I lived for a while in a community in Rome wherein the prayers were sung each day and they are still in my head.  It’s a great custom.  More on the chanting of table prayers HERE.

Next, farther north again, I’ll remind you of the fine community at Silverstream in Ireland.   They, too, are building and growing.

They have been live-streaming their Mass and Office HERE.

Among their many accomplishments are these, close to my own heart.  First, they have created excellent altar cards for the Traditional Latin Mass.  They have the best lay out of any I’ve ever seen.  The prayers are in the right places on the cards for ease of sight, depending on the priest’s posture at the moment.  They are notable for their simplicity and elegance and legibility.

I have them for my own altar and rotate them in together with some other sets, such as that from Daniel Mitsui.

The other thing which really gets me is their special Way of the Cross for Priests.

Check out the Silverstream page HERE.   Their shop is HERE.

Crossing the pond to these USA, don’t forget the Benedictine nuns of Gower Abbey in Missouri.  They are the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.

They, too, have been streaming their liturgical rites.   If you want to hear Gregorian chant sung by lots of women, definitely check this out.  It has an angelic quality which sticks with you.  I directed a schola entirely of women while I was in Rome and a very much like, and miss, that sound.

Listen and watch HERE

These gals make superb vestments.  They are also know – are famous actually – for their music recordings, CDs.  I’ve use their tune in my LENTCAzTs and ADVENTCAzTs.  They are terrific.   They have a disc of Easter themed music.


The sisters have a special charism.  From their site:

Having received our call to emulate Our Lady in her final, hidden years, we offer our lives in prayer and sacrifice for priests. These are the new apostles of the Church who bear her truth to the world. We anticipate the coming of the Lord as Our Lady anticipated her Assumption, singing the psalms as she did, until we are admitted into the life of endless praise that is to come. In the meantime, we extend customary Benedictine hospitality most especially to priests, our spiritual sons, and strive to offer them the spiritual refurbishment so often denied them in their zealous work. We hope to see them return to the vineyard with renewed ardor to win souls.

Please check out their site.  HERE

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  1. Lusp says:

    The Sisters in Gower are wonderful. Their new church is perfect, their chant is so good it’s almost like they practice all day ;). They do an amazing amount of work themselves, from keeping huge gardens to stenciling their Church interior, to painting their statues. They are in stark contrast to some other Benedictine abbeys in the area, who are close to extinction and haven’t lifted a rake or a psalter in years.

  2. Fr Bede Rowe says:

    And there is another! In the UK… the Community of Our Lady of Glastonbury, founded by our Bishop, is a Diocesan Benedictine house. We sing the 1934 Office, and our Conventual Mass is Old Rite. We serve 4 diocesan (new rite) parishes. We are less than one year old, so please pray for us!

  3. marybiscuit says:

    And I must list Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma! These Benedictines are continuing their fundraising to build their church that will last 1000 years. Our family (8 children!) visited them for Gregorian Chant Weekend last fall and were blessed by our little pilgrimage. The peace that emanates from their community stayed with us. We listen to their Angelus in Latin every noon hour from their website to pray with. They have a little online store as well!

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