Your Sunday after Ascension 2020 Sermon Notes and the Exorcism against Satan and Apostate Angels

The Feast of the Ascension was really on THURSDAY, 40 days after Easter.  That’s in the Bible.  It is, ridiculously, transferred to Sunday in some places… but not everywhere.

Hence we are in the strange situation of having:

TLM: Sunday After Ascension
NO: 7th Sunday of Easter
NO: Ascension Thursday Sunday

When will the madness cease?

In any event, in some places Masses are opening up a bit.  Did you attend or watch Mass?  Was there a good point in the sermon? For my part…

And I pronounced the Title XI, Ch. 3 Exorcism, with the permission and request of the bishop, over the whole of the Diocese of Madison.

I am convinced that the coronavirus is a material analogy to the spiritual “virus” in the Church and wider society.  Priests have to stop acting like agents of the state and rather do what only they can do: fight this battle on the spiritual plane.

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  1. Hidden One says:

    My understanding is that part of the reason why in many places the Ascension is transferred to Sunday is cut down on weekday Holy Days of Obligation. What I do not understand is why authorities concerned about that don’t keep the Ascension on the Thursday and simply not have it as a Holy Day of Obligation. There must be some good reason(s) for this.

  2. Mike says:

    Attended Mass at SSPX, which is all there is in the nation’s capital region.
    The Fatherhood of God is an anchor of faith and a model for men. We are called to affirm paternity and patriarchy. Feminism, which denies both, is of the Devil.

  3. Simon_GNR says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the Sunday after Ascension Day, not the 7th Sunday of Easter.
    Thankfully, the bishops of England & Wales moved the observance of Ascension Day back to its proper day a couple of years ago, as they did with Epiphany. Regrettably, they still require us to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi on the Sunday after Trinity Sunday, not the Thursday after. Brick by brick….
    The Catholic Church in Ireland still marks Ascension Day as today, the 6th Sunday after Easter.

  4. lgreen515 says:

    Father’s central point was that Christ ascended so that he might be with us everywhere.

  5. Fr PJM says:

    The virus has an analogy in the life of the Church: Archbishop Lefebvre –may God rest his soul, and reward him– said the Church seemed to be suffering from a spiritual AIDS, he wasn’t as far as I know referring to sodomy as such, but an Immunodeficiency against the virus of “diabolical disorientation” (phrase of Sister Lucy of Fatima). Here one could say that, without the inflammatory language, Saint John Paul II actually thought substantially the same thing:?
    “We must admit realistically, and with feelings of deep pain, that Christians in large measure feel lost, confused, perplexed and even disappointed; ideas opposed to the truth which has been revealed and always taught, are being scattered abroad in abundance. Heresies, in the full and proper sense of the word, have been spread in the area of dogma and morals, creating doubts, confusions and rebellions. The liturgy has been tampered with, immersed in an intellectual and moral relativism, and therefore in permissiveness. Christians are tempted by atheism, agnosticism, vaguely moral enlightenment, and by a sociological Christianity devoid of defined dogmas or an objective morality.”

  6. Ellen says:

    We had Mass (Yay)! But we had to wear masks (boo)! But at least we had Mass and I am so happy to be able to go. Father made an interesting point. People will sometimes say there is no God and how could He know what I want or need even if He exists. Father made the point that the internet knows what you need and want (and it’s sometimes scary). Do a search and you get ads for products that are related to your search. It’s true. Amazon knows way too much about me.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Sung Mass was the Sunday after Ascension. Father talked about how God loves us so intimately that He sends His own Spirit to live inside us. It was beautiful. We had Mass in church at 50% capacity. You have to be in line more than an hour before Mass to get in. But it was nice to be back at our church. Deo Gratias.

  8. JabbaPapa says:

    Our Parish restarted public Mass this Sunday (both the advanced Mass on Saturday evening and the Sunday morning Mass. Halleluiah !!

    Father Z : I am convinced that the coronavirus is a material analogy to the spiritual “virus” in the Church and wider society.

    Our PP made a very similar comment in his homily.

    He also said : “If you want to receive in the hand of course you may, though I do not personally approve of that method of Communion.” Most of the Congregation received on the tongue. Usually, there is no Communion in the hand at our Parish.

    His homily was rather fiery against the nearly 2-month lockdown of the Mass, preaching that the social distancing should never have become a distancing from God or from His Church, and that we should gather together in worship, not separate apart into solitude.

  9. First I watched the FSSP Mass from Providence, Rhode Island, where apparently public Mass will be able to resume next week. The priest there spent a good amount of time talking about the importance of the Blessed Mother in the time between the Ascension and Pentecost in the Upper Room.

    After that, I caught the ICKSP Mass from Pittsburgh. That priest developed St. Francis de Sales’ four steps for praying in the presence of God, saying that one could pray almost anywhere, any time.

  10. Grant M says:

    Jesus gives his apostles fair warning: you WILL be persecuted. I’m telling you now so it won’t be a stumbling block to your faith when it happens.

    The preacher reminded us that the servant is not greater than the master: if our Lord suffered, then so must we, and not let it be a stumbling block to our faith. St Louis de Montfort was concerned if he passed a day WITHOUT some cross being sent to him: he saw his crosses as evidence of God’s love and concern for him.

    We will have trials, but we will also have the Holy Spirit to strengthen and comfort us.

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