LIVE VIDEO – 20 Dec – 1200h CST – Traditional Latin Mass – 4th Sunday of Advent (Exorcism re: election/vote results)

Daily, I live-stream a Traditional Latin Mass at NOON Central Standard Time (= UTC -5 and ROME 1800h).  (Check out

Before Mass: Prayer against Pandemic
Today: 4th Sunday of Advent
Prayers Added:
After Mass: Exorcism against Satan and Fallen Angels (for protection against demonic influence in the vote certification process)

Today’s texts in Roman Catholic Daily Missal p. 168

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It is great to see regular viewers greet each other in the live chat after Mass and pray for each other’s intentions!

    • NB: You can usually find an English translation of the Mass formulary HERE.  Scroll down. Use the 1960 setting.
    • We can say the Angelus together since the bells are usually ringing when the live stream starts.  Rosary on Saturday in Latin.
    • I will also recite in Latin the traditional  “Statement of Intention” (hint to priests).
    • When I read the Exorcism, I skip the Leonine Prayers. I often recite a prayer in Latin “In time of pandemic” before Mass.
    • For texts of Prayers before Mass for each day of the week, in versions for laypeople and for priests: HERE

THANK YOU to my flower donors! Advent is underway so no flowers for a while except on Gaudete Sunday.  I do need candles, hosts, etc!  HERE


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