VIDEO: Exorcism against Satan and Fallen Angels for all places, things and people involved in the counting of votes from the 2020 Election.

As usual today, since Election Day, after Mass I recited Ch. 3 of Title XI in the Rituale Romanum, the Exorcism Against Satan and the Fallen Angels.

It is a mighty prayer.

I have the authority from the bishop and also, at his request, I say it for the whole diocese.

However, I have also been asking God to aim this powerful exorcism at all places and all equipment involved in the counting or recounting or canvassing or auditing of votes in the 2020 election.   I ask God to drive away demonic influence from all the people involved.  I ask the Queen of Angels to bid myriads and myriads of angels to protect all the people involved from temptations from the Enemy to lie or cheat.  I ask the angels to prompt anyone who did lie or cheat in the counting of votes to repent and to come forward and admit what they did.

I ask all this for the common good.   WE WANT THE TRUTH.  We have to be able to have confidence in our elections.   If we don’t have elections we can depend on, there hardly remains any means for us to secure our God given freedoms and maintain the common good.   The alternatives are dreadful to contemplate.

Therefore, I do what I can do as a priest.  I use the tools only priests can use.  That means saying Masses for certain intentions, praying the Rosary for certain intentions, reciting Ch. 3 of Title XI.

I beg my brother priests to do this too.   Please, brothers, ask for permission to use Ch. 3 of Title XI.   YOU CAN RECITE IT PRIVATELY without, but for public use you need the permission of the bishop or an ordinary or your religious superior.   Also, it is far more effective with the weight of the bishop behind it.

Why do this every day?   Why, if the prayer is so great, does it have to be repeated?   Because the Enemy is very good at being an Enemy.  The attachments the Enemy makes are strong.  Sometimes exorcisms for cases of oppressions or possessions can take years.  So, I repeat the exorcism fully everyday, for the diocese and, right now, for the intention of election integrity and the emergence of the TRUTH about what happened on Election Day.

Moreover, I prayer that, because Catholic Joe Biden surely knows what happened with voting, I ask his Guardian Angel to protect him from demonic influence and to prompt him to admit publicly that there was voting fraud and, because he knew about it ahead of time, which he surely did, then – for the sake of his immortal soul – also to concede the election for the sake of the TRUTH and the common good.  If he has any scrap of decency, he must do this for our nation as well as for his own self-interest.

At 78 years old Biden is closing in on the end of his life and he will have to account for what he has done before the Just Judge.   To have participated in such a horrible lie is surely a mortal sin.  And because it is such a public matter, causing untold public harm, there must be public redress.  After conceding the election, because his “win” was a manifest lie, he should put his remaining influence to work to cooperate in the creation of a clean and secure method for voting.

For the sake of his immortal soul and for the good of the nation, please – all you angels and saints – intercede with God.  Please – Holy Spirit of truth give prevenient grace and illumination and drive far away the attacks of Hell.

Here is the video of the Exorcism after today’s Mass.

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  1. VForr says:

    Those last two paragraphs…beautifully written, Father, especially given that secular society has led people to believe there will be no future consequences to actions during one’s earthly life. Thank you for your continued prayers about the election.

  2. Lepanto ! says:

    To cover the vast and varied crowd of the virtually assembled …., hear! hear! AND oorah!

  3. SKAY says:

    Wonderful post, Father Z. Thank you.

  4. Diane says:

    Thank you so much, Father Z, for all the prayers you’re praying and exorcisms you’re saying. It is all so greatly appreciated.

  5. Jones says:

    Huzzah!! Thank you for the blunt straight foreword talk about who’s REALLY behind this whole mess. Satan and his demons of course! Posts like this makes me resolve to double/triple down on praying my 15 decade rosary. I know it’s a powerful wepon against the devil and I have not been utilizing it enough! Btw I was trying load this page 3 times and it was giving me a blank screen. I crossed myself with Holy water and BAM it came back for me. The Church, her Sacraments and Sacramentals are powerful weapons.

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  7. michele421 says:

    This is great, but we also need to consider the very real possibility that Biden won fair and square, [ROFL!!] and in case that this is really the truth, that Trump will find it in his heart to concede and allow a peaceful transfer of power.

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    michele421: No “we” don’t. Your hand-wringing over a “peaceful transfer of power” is misdirected, take a look at recent events.

  9. MWCooney says:

    michele421: I believe that you have allowed yourself to be herded into the corner into which Satan wants to push all of us who did not actively choose the evil represented by Biden. Peace is good and greatly to be desired, but “peace at any cost” is the mantra of the devil.

  10. NOCatholic says:

    None of the many challenges to the election have overturned even a single vote, let alone a whole state’s votes. And by now, a majority of Biden electors have been legally certified by the states. There are simply no other legal avenues for the President to pursue. [Which is not, of course, true.]

    IOW, michele421’s concerns are spot on. President Trump needs to concede. That concession will allow the GOP to turn out the vote for the all-important Georgia runoff elections on January 5, so that the GOP can hold the Senate and block the Biden agenda. Complaints about a “stolen” election are a great way to suppress that turnout and hand the Senate to the Democrats, and their agenda.

    [I think you maybe tunneling in from a parallel universe, where things are almost like they are here, but where it is okay simply to turn a blind eye to the obvious. No… wait. That’s liberalism. In the case of regular readers, I prefer the alternate universe explanation.]

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    The Biden-Harris cabal, for their own good and for the good of the country, should concede. Death Party collaborators, known for their obsessiveness, incorrigibility, and lust for power, would also benefit from such a lesson.

  12. aam says:

    If Biden had an ounce of decency he would invoke his claimed Catholic morality and concede the election to Trump. But then, he supports and funds the dismemberment of babies in the womb, so the ounce is unlikely there.

  13. TWF says:

    Respectfully, thus far, the Trump team has not been able to present any evidence that has been accepted by any judge…even Bill Barr has said there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Its tragic that Biden will be president of the USA and will further the cause of death and abortion…it is tragic…but it seems extremely far fetched at this point that he won’t be. Best to focus prayers on curtailing any evil promoted by a Biden presidency.

    [No. No. NO NO NO. This has to be a country of laws. I strongly recommend watching Mark Levin’s show tonight. He explains the incredible violation of the law in Pennsylvania, how people just ran roughshod over the constitution. This must be resisted. Levin’s explanation in the first part was jaw-dropping.]

  14. WVC says:

    @TWF – Did you not watch any of the hearings? Did you not see the video CCTV footage of folks in Georgia pulling suitcases of ballots out from under the table after they evacuated the polling station of all witnesses? A judge in Michigan finally gave permission to the Trump legal team to do forensic analysis of over 20 Dominion System voting machines – do you realize that the lawyers can’t just go in and grab the machines on their own but have been waiting for court authorization?

    The point that some folks don’t seem to grasp is that IF this election was stolen and the thieves get away with it, YOU HAVE NO REASON TO EXPECT ANY FUTURE ELECTION TO BE MORE HONEST THAN THIS ONE. Saying, “let’s just hope for the best and get ’em next time” is the same as saying “This looks hard, I give up.”

  15. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – you’ve lost all credibility. At this point, your comments are little more than “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!”

  16. Kerry says:

    In 2012, the state of Minnesota removed any requirements for showing identification to vote, because “fairness”. After the election, I had to show an ID to check out a book! My scornful irony, disguised with a smile, sped past the librarian, unrecognized. Our decision to flee the Twin Cities, (fait accompli in 2013), looked even better this past summer, as the peaceful transition of wholesale looting and destroyed vast swaths of Minneapolis. (By the way, our impetus to flee came with the re-election of Barack of Farquad, about which the Fair Penelope said: “Kerry, we’ve got to get out of Minnesota; I don’t want to have to shoot the neighbors.) If the is any shooting to be done here, the neighbors will be in the “with” camp, not the “at” camp.
    Dear Mayor of Mpls what’s your name, how is that defund the police goin’? I hear a lot of peacful transition of car ownership is up by many, many percents.

  17. Semper Gumby says:

    Kerry: Good comment, and an astute observation by your Fair Penelope.

    WVC: “You have no reason to expect…” is insightful. “Don’t give up” indeed.

    A photo of John Wayne from “The Longest Day” with caption:

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