CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio – #ZedNet reminder – Sunday 31 Jan ’21

Here’s a reminder about ZedNet for Septuagesima Sunday 31 Jan ’21 – evening at 2000h EST (0100h ZULU 4 Jan).

Anyone who uses Brandmeister ought to know this about their changes – you need a personal password now: HERE  In effect, they appied security to their “masters”.  You must set a personal password.

I hope some of you hams with DMR etc. access will check in!

exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” 28598, which is cross-linked to Brandmeister (BM) DMR worldwide talkgroup 31429, which essentially gives world-wide multi-mode access to a common ham radio network.

Echolink is running again!  WB0YLE-R

Fellow hams who have access locally to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater, a repeater on the BM network, or a multi-mode hotspot registered with BM can get on and have a rag chew…. 24/7/365

WB0YLE gave me a clear list, with links, of everything you need to get involved.


On a personal note, I bought a used, virtually unused raspberry pie Zumspot.  I went through the process of flashing the operating system onto a card and then programming it.  It works.

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.

Also, this was sent by WB0YLE who keeps the pieces of ZedNet working together.  Click for larger.


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  1. JonPatrick says:

    I jumped through the various hoops of configuring the hotspot and the radio codeplug so we will see what happens tonight. I have not been able to hear anything on the various channels I configured so I don’t know if it is even working. I read about the password business and set the password I used when I created my Brandmeister account as the Brandmeister password on my hotspot, is that all I need to do?

    I could try the local repeater but as I understand it, a repeater on the DMR-MARC network doesn’t talk to the Brandmeister network so I probably can’t get to Zednet that way. I haven’t had any luck hearing anything on those channels either. I am hoping I can find someone locally to be an “Elmer” and help me with the DMR setup.

  2. I’ll make sure my radio is on today and monitor for a while, in blocks of time. Let’s see if you aren’t working.

  3. Ryguy says:

    JonPatrick – I had the same issue as you did. I ended up downloading an existing code plug for my HT, modified it with my DMR ID, and added the ZedNet TG. Then I was successful!

  4. JonPatrick says:

    I think got it working but too late for the net. I found out that special characters in the hotspot password can be a problem. I had a ‘?’ in my password. After I removed it and updated both the hotspot and the Brandmeister login, the hotspot log stopped showing errors when trying to connect and the hotspot showed up on the Brandmeister dashboard under ‘my hotspots’. So maybe next time (will be away from the QTH this coming Sunday so it would be the following Sunday).

  5. JonPatrick says: special characters

    That’s a good note about the password. Thanks. Though we do have special characters talking on ZedNet.

    You might try keying up and calling during the week. Some people monitor.

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