PROJECT “200!” Wherein Fr. Z asks for some help.

UPDATE: 8 Feb 2021:

A lot of you have signed up for a new monthly subscription and I am very grateful.  I counted some of you more than once because you signed up for more than $10/mo.  That means that some of you are doing the lifting for others.  That is very good of you.

The “200” doesn’t really mean 200 people, I’ll leave this here a little while longer.  I will be much obliged if we can close that gap a little bit.  Thanks!

there is this link:

Also, I have signed up for TransferWise, especially for those of your OUTSIDE these USA. I invite you to take a look.  There are a few hoops to jump through but it doesn’t take long.  HERE

200 new subscribers!

ORIGINALLY Published on: Jan 19, 2021

I need help.

Some of you are are less than friendly will be ready to agree with that.

After recent changes to my life and in view of the future, I’ve assessed my situation…. or better… new adventure.

Without beating around the bush, I need your help.

I’ll do my part in providing content here as I reinvent and reorient.

I ask for 200 of you, please, who regularly read here, to subscribe for a $10 monthly donation.

Small donations, accumulated, add up.

Just one reason, our of many: the libs who monitor this blog for things they can hate on will no doubt be annoyed by the fact of your concrete support!

I am grateful for larger donations, of course.  I don’t want to limit you to $10/mo.   If someone signs up for, say, $20, and tells me it is for this 200 target, I’d take that is one of you doing the lifting for two readers.

There are a few ways it can be done.

Firstly, there’s Paypal. This is pretty easy.

First, there is this link:

Some options

Some of you might think to increase what you are giving.  Instead of changing your already established donation by $10, perhaps simply add a new one with that particular purpose: “200!”.

Next, there is Venmo.  I just signed up for it at the suggestion of a friend (also in Catholic media with a bigger megaphone than mine).  I can’t set up a regular donation subscription on Venmo, but if you simply told me you were going to do this monthly, I’d believe you. Add a note like, “200!” so I can tabulate it for my fund drive.  HERE

And you can aim your phone at this.  It should work.

Please, dear readers – new and old – I am going to need help and I had better get a head start.  I’m talking about moving issues: storage, probably a moving service, groceries, insurance (gasp), etc.

I hope you will help me carry this burden with prayers, good comments here, and your monthly donation.

“Many hands make light work.”


A priest friend sent this saying that he was using it today, …

Prayer will sustain us in the time to come.

It is really hard to harbor for long ill will for those who oppress us. Remember that for the future.


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