CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio – #ZedNet reminder – Palm Sunday 28 March ’21

Fellow hams, here’s a reminder about ZedNet for Palm Sunday 28 March ’21 – evening at 2000h EDT. (0100h ZULU Monday).

We now have the site running:  http://zednet.xyz

Zednet exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” 28598, which is cross-linked to Brandmeister (BM) DMR worldwide talkgroup 31429, which essentially gives world-wide multi-mode access to a common ham radio network. Echolink is running again!  WB0YLE-R

Fellow hams who have access locally to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater, a repeater on the BM network, or a multi-mode hotspot registered with BM can get on and have a rag chew…. 24/7/365

Brandmeister requires a personal password now: HERE  In effect, they applied security to their “masters”.

WB0YLE gave me a clear list, a BOM, with links, of everything you need to get involved. HERE  THIS WAS UPDATED on 22 March 2021

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.

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  1. RichR says:

    I’m studying to get my Technician license. Hopefully I’ll be able to join these discussions by Advent 2021.

  2. Before that! Just do it!

  3. RichR says:

    What level did you test for, Pater?

  4. I’m “Extra”. Over my three exams, I got one wrong. The examiner wouldn’t tell me what it was, even though it was, literally, the last few hours of that exam question base.

  5. RichR says:

    Extra Class?! Bravo!

    I do hope Technician credentials are good enough to participate on ZedNet.

  6. @RichR:
    All you need is a Tech (or equivalent for non-US amateurs). For less than $300. (or thereabouts) you can have 1) a tier 2 dmr HT or two, and 2) a hotspot to link via the internet to the combined DMR/Fusion/Allstar analog back end that makes up Zednet.

    The test isn’t that hard. Will probably take you longer to find an exam session than it takes to study for the test. Really. Just Do It.

    73 de wb0yle/w2fuv

  7. Thomas says:

    Rich R: You can test for all three at the same time. Tech and General are very do-able together, Extra is harder to learn. Some are able to do all three in the same testing session. That’s a huge effort.

    73, Tom, KF0ENV

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