CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio – #ZedNet reminder – “Low” Sunday 11 April ’21

Fellow hams, here’s a reminder about ZedNet for “Low” Sunday 11 April ’21 – evening at 2000h EDT. (0100h ZULU Monday).

We now have the site running:  http://zednet.xyz

Zednet exists on the Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X) “room” 28598, which is cross-linked to Brandmeister (BM) DMR worldwide talkgroup 31429, which essentially gives world-wide multi-mode access to a common ham radio network. Echolink is running again!  WB0YLE-R

Fellow hams who have access locally to a Yaesu System Fusion repeater, a repeater on the BM network, or a multi-mode hotspot registered with BM can get on and have a rag chew…. 24/7/365

Brandmeister requires a personal password now: HERE  In effect, they applied security to their “masters”.

WB0YLE gave me a clear list, a BOM, with links, of everything you need to get involved. HERE  THIS WAS UPDATED on 22 March 2021

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.

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  1. RichR says:

    Does anyone have any DMR HT recommendations for joining ZedNet meetings?

    I’m getting ready for my Technician License test, and plan to get a dual-band DMR after I pass the exam. I want to start playing with the HT while I study for my General & Extra tests, after which I’ll buy an HF base station.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    RichR, I use an Alinco DJ-MD5 which I got at a fairly reasonable price from one of the ham radio stores, HRO I think, as it was the same place I bought the hotspot. Seems to be a competent radio, although I am also new to Ham and DMR and don’t have much to compare it with.

  3. Evan C says:

    I recently got all setup on ZedNet with the following purchases:
    Baofeng DM-5R (~$70 on eBay)
    Programming cable for Baofeng DM-5R ($14 on Amazon)
    Raspberry Pi Zero W ($18 shipped from various vendors)
    MMDVM Hotspot Pi-star board (~$20 on eBay – this mounts onto the RPi Zero W)

    I reckon that’s probably the cheapest hardware setup to get on ZedNet; that’s what I was going for anyway!

    Evan, N5EDC

  4. N5EDC

    That looks pretty much like what I use. The programming can be slightly tricky, but we can help if you need it.


  5. RichR says:

    I’m pretty much solely on Mac OS. Is that a problem with the hotspots or programming cables?

  6. RichR – It should not make a difference if you are using Mac or PC.

    Take a look at the BOM which I posted above.

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