ADVENTCAzT 2021 – 03: St. Andrew, Apostle

Here is ADVENTCAzT 03, for the Feast of St. Andrew.

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  2. Ms. M-S says:

    Thanks, Father Z.

  3. Zephyrinus says:

    Dear Reverend Fr. Z.

    Excellent audio quality on your Soundcloud Plug-In on this Post.

    Thank You for these beautiful AdventcaZt articles. They are the perfect start to the Church’s new Liturgical Year and a wonderful preparation in Prayer and Devotion to the oncoming Feast of Christmas (note: NOT “The Holidays !!!).

    Christmas Cards from England are now in the postal system (with Welsh stamps affixed !!!)

    in Domino

  4. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father. Christmas card, with bear stamp, on its way.

  5. Benedictus says:

    Haven’t listened because it is not uploading to iTunes.

    [Clearly, I’m having a hard time getting iTunes to work. How about listening HERE until I get it worked out? (I can’t find way to update the iTunes feed.))]

  6. RobinDeLage says:


    I suggest installing the SoundCloud app on your device in order to listen on your device.

  7. Rich Leonardi says:

    Great episode, Padre. I used it as the basis for a breakfast catechesis with my two youngest this morning.

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