PASCHALCAzT 2022 – 52: Easter Friday – Warfare!

Daily 5 minute podcast to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.

Roman Station: St. Mary ‘ad Martyres’

TODAY: A harrowing exorcism. Our ongoing warfare.

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  1. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father!

  2. Ms. M-S says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z. I wonder if any of those exorcised demons ended up in the Tiber?

  3. Zach says:

    I am a regular Latin mass attender. I visited churches and attended masses in the Chicago and Cincinnati archdiocese as well as my home archdiocese of Pittsburgh.
    1. It’s a bit unfair to compare the 1950s to today. The 1950s were unusually high for vocations imparted to before.
    2. As my experience in Pittsburgh tells me, a good number of closings are due to the de-ethnization of the Church and the changing locations of the faithful. There used to be a German church, Polish church, Irish church, Slovak church and and Italian church all on the same street. There were far more churches than necessary because it was a point of ethnic pride to have your own. And many cities have shifted their Catholic populations from the urban core to the suburbs. Also, parishes can be geographically bigger because people are used to driving instead of walking.
    3. The primary reason for Pittsburgh, Chicago and Cincinnati closing parishes is because of a shortage of priests, not a shortage of faithful. Compare the Lutherans who have the opposite issue as mentioned in the letter. I think it is easier to change the vocation shortage than the faithful shortage. The number of Catholics is increasing or staying about the same in many parts of the US.
    4. I of course believe that a return to tradition and Truth will fix this entirely. The pastors are more timid than the flock. I don’t see a solution from the top down, so we must lead and eventually the bishops will run ahead and claim to have been leading all along. We have made the choice to home school and attend the traditional liturgy.

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