LENTCAzT 2023 – 30: Thursday 4th Week – Eternal death and YOU – CORRECTED

There was a glitch when I uploaded the file.  It has been corrected.

Daily 5 minute podcast to help you in your Lenten discipline.

Roman Station: Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti Collect: Santi Quirico e Giulitta

TODAY: We hear about the widow of Naim is a figure of the Church and her dead son is like those who are in mortal sin

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  1. Zephyrinus says:

    Dear Fr. Z.

    Again, many thanks for the most valuable LENTCAzT. A great boon during Lent.

    However, today the enemy has struck. Your LENTCAzT only reproduces the final thirty-seven seconds !!!

    A Decade of The Rosary and a screwdriver and, I suspect, all will be well and your LENCAzT will miraculously appear.

    In Domino

  2. Crysanthmom says:

    Thank you Father!

  3. Irish Timothy says:

    Thank you Father!

  4. Yorkmum says:

    When it stopped abruptly after 37 seconds I waited… and waited… then I wondered “is he trying to make a point about going to confession”!
    Will go and re-listen now at the end of the day.

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