3 May – Consecration of the new SSPX church – VIDEO – LIVE

The consecration of Immaculata Church in St. Mary’s Kansas.

This is a “workshop” in CATHOLIC theology and spirituality. NB the purifications and exorcisms before moving to the consecrations.

Booklet HERE

Writing on the floor!

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  1. Long-Skirts says:


    This is a fearful place
    This is an awesome place
    A Christian ground
    To bear our race.

    Trimmed in Gold
    Hidden Jesus
    All behold.

    Outside Chapel
    Men enrage
    Cloistered minds
    In truth engage.

    This is a fearful place
    This is an awesome place
    A Christian fort
    The enemy, face.

    Before the dawn
    Before the Mass
    Rosary said
    On beads of brass.

    Before Confession
    All examine
    Gorge on grace
    Gainst sin-fed famine.

    This is a fearful place
    This is an awesome place
    A tower of ivory
    A garrison, base.

    And daily, daily,
    “Push back the age
    As hard as it pushes against you”

    This Christian ground
    This fort, this tower
    Fearful, awesome…
    Immaculata’s hour!

  2. redneckpride4ever says:

    I remember the day I forst got notice of this. I had ordered an Angelus Press missal so I was on their mailing list.

    I wish I could have donated more. Alas, I’m not Rockefeller. Nonetheless, I’m really happy to see this go from dream to reality. Here’s hoping next year I can make a pilgrimage!

  3. The Egyptian says:

    Did the FBI get reserve seating ?

  4. francophile says:

    I was fortunate to watch and have copies of the old rite and the new rite in front of me. I confess I wept when I discovered how much we have lost. Beautiful job to those at the Immaculata.

  5. Crysanthmom says:

    I’m loving all of the women wearing their head coverings! I cannot wait to go visit!

  6. robtbrown says:

    The Egyptian says,

    Did the FBI get reserve seating?

    The situation deserves the Director

  7. Paul says:

    Thank you Father. The Church and the ceremony was moving.

    Was going to say, you don’t know but really you always do know how much something like this means to me and all your followers.

    Years ago you brought me back to the TLM.

    After watching this video, please pray for me. I want to learn Latin and at age 66 it may be difficult but something I want to do to serve my Lord.

    God Bless you and Pray for you daily.

    You deserve your Gold Star for today.

  8. OssaSola says:

    The fire on the altar! The writing in the dust!

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