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Chilling – probably correct – explanation of mass school shootings

I just read at NRO a piece by David French, who in turn gives us the substance of an explanation of what is driving the increasing phenomenon of school shootings.  I sense that the explanation – which provides quite the opposite … Read More

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27 Feb – St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows: Patron of seminarians, hand-gunners, marksmen

Today we celebrate a saint whom we might invoke for help in our discussions of school safety in the wake of those mass murders, and prudence in general when it comes to gun ownership according to law and our inalienable … Read More

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Wisconsin High School student invents classroom door stop

From Gateway Pundit: A Wisconsin high school senior and Army recruit Justin Rivard invented a door stop that prevents killers from entering classrooms. Justin created the “JustinKase” two years ago when he was just 15. The device does not allow … Read More

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