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Of papyrus fragments. “Mrs Jesus” … getting a divorce!

Remember the Jesus’s wife papyrus fragment that had liberals and womenpriest wannabes all in a flutter?  HERE. I saw this at  First Things: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: Forgery Confirmed? Thursday, October 11, 2012 Anna Williams In the weeks since Harvard … Read More

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Papyrus fragment gone wild!

Remember the ridiculous “Mrs. Jesus” papyrus fragment flap? L’Osservatore Romano, taking a break from commentary on The Simpsons, has offered a view.  This time, however, the editor, they seem to be on target. A papyrus adrift “Harvard scholar’s discovery suggests … Read More

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A note about the Mrs. Christ papyrus fragment

So another feminist opportunist of the Elaine Pagels ilk, whose purpose in life is to make money while making the lives of real scholars and real believers more difficult, is talking about a fragment of papryus which, she claims, states … Read More

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Matters papyrological

I am visiting my mother, at the moment.  She is the only person I know with her very own papyrus stand!  As you may know, papyrus gives us the English word “paper”. No, she isn’t making her own papyrus manuscripts. … Read More

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