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Washington DC: young people chalk “Black Pre-born Lives Matter” on sidewalk and are ARRESTED!

This, in the nation’s capital:

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Washington DC DAY 1: Goofing around, a kitchen and a quote

Firstly, I have decided to hold a rare DC blognic. However, I determined it would be best for it to be at an undisclosed location and by invitation only. Who knows if there would be some counter blognic held? Meanwhile, … Read More

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DC March for Life 2018 – DAY 1: Paintings and plots

It is a whirlwind jump to DC, but one of my main reasons for coming this year was also to see the exhibition of Vermeer and other Dutch genre painters at the National Gallery.   It did not disappoint. His … Read More

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WASH DC – DAY 2: Tickle the Lord Edition

I am at the National Gallery for Women in the Arts for an exhibit of images of Mary. UPDATE: I read that on 2 March the group Anonymous 4 is to give a concert at the NGWA.  Wow! I must … Read More

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2nd Amendment wins one in DC!

This is big news.  Via WaPo: D.C. police won’t enforce handgun ban; stay of ruling overturning law will be sought D.C. police were told Sunday not to arrest people for carrying handguns on the street in the wake of a … Read More

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WASHINGTON DC BLOGNIC Friday Evening, 25 January – after the Pontifical Mass (Usus Antiquior)

[Watch this for updates.  Apparently there is something after the Pontifical Mass that may conflict for some people.] Since there is going to be a Pontifical Mass (Usus Antiquior) at Old St. Mary’s in Washington DC. (5th and H Sts. NW), … Read More

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Washington DC and Exodus

I understand that an earthquake rumbled up Washington DC today.  Let’s see… isn’t there going to be a hurricane later in the week? Holy Moses!  When do the frogs and locusts arrive?  Will the reflecting pool on the Mall turn … Read More

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The Debt Crisis: Washington’s Kabuki Dance and “NO!” Play

The debt crisis is likened to a Washington Kabuki dance. Oh yah? Let’s just see if it is anything like. In the first video below we have a kabuki presentation of the debt crisis. President Obama appears, with aides, Daley … Read More

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I have been posting some liturgical compare and contrast pictures and videos lately.  Some readers have taken me to task for being unfair by posting images that are great when traditional, really nasty when liberal. Fine.  Let’s try this again. … Read More

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