A few useful points, or even rules of thumb for participation here:

1) I get around 500 e-mails/day.  Therefore, if you send e-mail:

    a) it is mine, and I can do what I want to with it, post it, or not;
    b) as much as I would like to, I cannot respond to everyone who writes;
    c) know that I delete, unopened, all e-mail without a subject or without a subject that I recognize as being either interesting or relevant to what interests me;
    d) don’t just send me to links without explanation;
    e) please don’t ask me to do your homework.

2) Several things you might do will cause me to delete your comments or perhaps ban you from posting.  Here are a few:   

    a) personal attacks on other commentators;
    b) unreasonable attacks on Church authorities;
    c) bashing legitimate and approved liturgical forms, traditional or post-Conciliar;
    d) creating overly lengthy comments or pasting excerpts that are too long;
    e) derailing the topics of entries by asking questions about unrelated issues, or trying to lead entries down what I call "rabbit holes", off-topic and usually pointless digressions;
    f) posting without any kind of "handle" or name: a mere "anonymous" is not acceptable;
    g) SHOUTING (typing all in CAPS);
    h) being obtuse or, in my opinion, annoying.
    i) generally creating more busy work for me.

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