Birettas for Seminarians Project

Some time ago I started a project whereby

  1. seminarians contact the great John Hastreiter at Leaflet Missal Co. in St. Paul with their hat size.
  2. Then, you readers get in touch with the same John and you buy a biretta.
  3. John then sends the biretta out.You remain anonymous to each other.

YOU, dear readers, have to date supplied hundreds of birettas to hundreds of seminarians.  Kudos.  Some thank you notes from seminarians with spiffy new birettas HERE and HERE.

Very often I met seminarians who received your birettas.  They always tell me with big smiles about receiving them.

Seminarians and potential donors…

Contact John in “church goods” at Leaflet Missal in St. Paul – 651-209-1951. 

The phone navigation system at Leaflet isn’t great.  Be patient.

If John is away, leave a voicemail with your phone number and he will call you back ASAP.

DO NOT WRITE TO ME TO ASK FOR A BIRETTA!  (If you are a seminarian you can’t get that straight then… how are your grades?!?)