Monday was a good day, so was Tuesday

Monday was a Good News day. HERE

I read that the US House of Representatives passed a bill today. Among other things, this bill also chips away at Obamacare.

From CNA:

US House votes to permanently ban federal abortion funding

Washington D.C., Jan 24, 2017 / 03:28 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The U.S. House of Representatives passed its first major pro-life bill of the new year [first!] on Tuesday, one which would solidify in law the current policy of no federal funding of abortions.

The bill would “protect Americans’ conscience rights by ensuring that their hard-earned tax dollars are not used to fund the destruction of innocent life,” Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) said on the House Floor before the vote.

Federal funding for abortion is largely prohibited under the 40-year-old Hyde Amendment, named after its original sponsor Rep. Henry Hyde. However, that amendment has to be passed by Congress every year as a “rider” to appropriations bills, clarifying that the taxpayer dollars cannot abortions.

The amendment enjoyed decades of bipartisan support. The most recent Democratic National Committee platform, however, called for its repeal. [aka The Party of Death]

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, passed Tuesday by a 238-183 vote and sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), would solidify this policy in law, so that it does not need to be annually reapproved by Congress.

It would expand on current protections against taxpayer funding of abortion to other areas, such as federal employee health plans. It would also extend to the Affordable Care Act, ensuring that no federal subsidies fund abortion coverage in plans offered on the exchanges.


So, if in Holy Church we have a string of bad days and grim stories, we have at least this.

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  1. THREEHEARTS says:

    What does this mean? Can therefore the American Catholic Bishop Conference that deliberately and knowingly send American funds to groups that fund abortions, all be it staying in denial, be charged with breaking the law. How will these madcap hierarchs be able to deny when their own governments furnish the evidence. Will it matter to American judges when the foolish prelates say we did not know. Will the South American prelate who blew the whistle the first time this was raised say now we see it was not true. Will tell they tell the judges that they are at peace with God and they have not a guilty conscience. better twenty years in jail than an eternity in despair for helping to procure abortions.

  2. IHSV says:

    Make the Vatican great again.

    Trump has done more in 2 days than the “prelates” in 50 years. Yikes.

  3. Chris Rawlings says:

    What are you talking about, IHSV?

  4. Y2Y says:

    “What are you talking about, IHSV?”

    Read the original post, then read the comment again out loud to yourself. Slowly. Repeat three times.
    Get it now?

  5. Andy Lucy says:

    I am also excited at to possibility of firearm suppressors being removed from the 1934 National Firearms Act. The “Hearing Protection Act” will make suppressors exactly what they should have always been….. an accessory for a firearm, no different from a muzzle brake or a sling. Gone will be the $200 tax on suppressors, along with the 12+ month wait after you’ve ponied up the cash. Of course, this is coming from congress, but at least we have a POTUS who will sign the bill if it gets out of the Senate.

  6. Chris Rawlings says:

    Y2Y, that Trump has done more for the cause of unborn life in two days than American “prelates” (notice the quotation marks they used) have in decades? That’s the point?

    Because that’s such an absurd, slanderous, and frankly disgusting comment that surely something else was meant.

  7. Y2Y says:

    “Because that’s such an absurd, slanderous, and frankly disgusting comment that surely something else was meant.”

    Care to elaborate, or are you unable to speak except in party-approved slogans?

  8. Y2Y is correct . When the “President” of the ProLife Committee of the USCCB Timothy Cardinal Dolan yukked it up with RABID PROABORTION Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith dinner and then went silent on his personal and USCCB prolife acct the whole time until Election Day, himself and most of the prelates in America prove what they TRULY believe.
    There are a remnant of Bishops left in the US that are truly Catholic or ProLife. Sad, but true. Living in Wash D.C. For awhile I would attend the March for Life and you could count the Bishops on one hand. Granted, they have a busy schedule, but we all know a year in advance the date. NO EXCUSE.
    However, they will show up (ad nauseum) to “Interfaith Unity Whatever Services” and pray on and on for LGBTXXX rights.
    Their record is abysmal. There are Bishops who turn the other way when priests openly support pro-abortion candidates… over and over.
    I live in the Madison Diocese by choice BECAUSE of my Ordinary, Bishop Morlino. O moved from NJ because I wanted to support a truly CATHOLIC BISHOP. Bishop Morlino is one of the HANDFUL &I mean HANDFUL of bishops in the U.S. who are TRULY CATHOLIC. Thank you , Y2Y for telling the truth.

  9. Filipino Catholic says:

    Oh this is good news indeed, it may go a long way to fixing the mess Roe vs. Wade left behind. Now if Trump would kindly refrain from trying to silence the departments with R&D programs, that would be nice. Having issues with climate change is one thing but actually trying to clamp down on research smacks strongly of a Francis-esque heavyhandedness.

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