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TIsk… tisk… look at all those traditional hats! Fancy vestments! Gold! Tradition!

I am watching a live stream on Russian TV of the Christmas Divine Liturgy.  The feed started in the Moscow Cathedral and then cut to Vladimir Putin’s church, where he seemed to be following the prayers attentively.  Then it returned … Read More

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Card. Napier: Communion for the divorced and remarried? How about Polygamists?

The Archbishop of Durban, South Africa, Wilfred Card. Napier, a hero in the Synods on the Family, has opined on Twitter: 3/3 If Westerners in irregular situations can receive Communion, are we to tell our polygamists & other “misfits” that they too … Read More

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What Do The Little Dots Really Say? Drilling into a distortion at America Magazine

UPDATE 7 Jan: Catch Fr. Hunwicke’s comments.  HERE ___ Originally Published on: Jan 6, 2017 Sometimes libs try to pull one over on us by shaking and rattling the shiny object so that you don’t see what they are doing with … Read More

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6 Jan – Thanks and Mass for Benefactors

Thanks from the bottom of my beady-black heart to all of you who over the last weeks have sent donations through Christmas cards, or who have made ad hoc online donations, or who have subscribed to monthly, automatic contributions.  Also, thanks to … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Friday penance on 6 January where Epiphany is transferred

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Hi Father Z, I’m confused about this Friday and the obligation to do penance this Friday. Our Bishops’ Conference (Canada) transferred the Feast of Epiphany to the Sunday, but we who follow the 1962 Calendar observe it on the … Read More

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WDTPRS – Epiphany Collect: transformed by the beauty of Your sublime glory

In the Novus Ordo calendar Epiphany (which is supposed to be 12 days after Christmas – the reason it is called “Twelfth Night”) is sometimes moved to the Sunday.  I suppose that they reasoned that more people would celebrate the important … Read More

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An Epiphany hymn… differently

From a couple years back… in case you are new around here. On a lighter note for your Epiphany joy, here is an offering from the official Parodohymnodist, the great Fr. Tim Ferguson. He provides an introduction: I was just … Read More

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