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Of St. Moses – Old Testament Lawgiver, Prophet and Prof. Camille Paglia – Feminist, Provocateuse

I have a very begrudging respect for Camille Paglia. I disagree with most of what she holds, but I admire her writing and her bluntness. I’m especially fond of how she calls out the cheerleaders of stupid brands of feminism … Read More

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Camille Paglia on Hillary: “The woman is a disaster!”

As some of you long-time readers will recall, I have a grudging respect for Camille Paglia. She’s wrong about a lot of things, but she’s the rarest of the rare: an honest feminist.  She’s a realist. And, like her hate … Read More

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It’s nuts out there. I pity young people today for the pressures they endure.

I have written in the past of my grudging respect for Camille Paglia.  Although I definitely am on the other side of the fence than she is on a number of issues, she is smart, honest, and writes beautifully (unlike … Read More

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Camille Paglia strikes again!

I have a love/hate relationship with Camille Paglia.  I love her writing style an enjoy her stark commentary.  Meanwhile, I hope and pray that she will come to senses about God. Right now at Salon she had a piece in … Read More

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Camille Paglia interviewed. Great stuff on feminists, the Irish influence, more.

Over at Amerika Magazine‘s single redeeming feature there is a fascinating interview with a fascinating  gal, Camille Paglia.  Here are a couple samples. I think she’s dead wrong about a whole raft of things, but a) she’s honest and b) she’s … Read More

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Must read: Camille Paglia on feminist disrespect for men

I have enjoyed reading Camille Paglia for a long time.  I fervently oppose many of her positions, of course.  BUT… she is tough and honest and clear and, oh boy, can she write. Reading her scary-good prose is an unsettling … Read More

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Camille Paglia on Richard Dawkins

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the always interesting Camille Paglia thinks Richard Dawkins is a twit. … I was recently flicking my car radio dial and heard an affected British voice tinkling out on NPR. I assumed it … Read More

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